Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday is Shopping Day . . . again

Friday was another day to show Laurie more of the wonders of Lyon and the various opportunities that she has to purchase things.

We first headed to the Porte des Alpes Shopping Center for lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs, shopping in the Auchan market and buying another small hammer at the Leroy Merlin Hardware Store for our upcoming playoff game in two weeks.

From there, we headed to La Croix-Rousse to survey her future silk buying possibilities and meet with Lucie Damboise.

Lucie is the young lady from Lyon who will be spending the summer first with our friends the Sabolics in Northridge, CA and then with us in Camarillo as she works on improving her English language skills and knowledge of American culture.

Laurie at the ruins of the
Amphithéâtre des Trois Gaules

This spot was built in 19 B.C. by Rufus, no last names please, and was used as a meeting place for delegates from the 60 Gallic tribes in what is now France.

World War II is never far from
Lyonnais consciousness 

Never very far at all . . .

The Fashion Designer, Lucie and Laurie

Lucie Damboise works in this avant-garde fashion shop with the fashion designer on the left. Unfortunately, I did not catch her name but she was very pleasant. Lucie and Laurie hit it right off so our Summer looks brighter.

Laurie, of course, purchased a beautiful red scarf which has once again helped in Lyon's economic rebound.

In the evening, I headed over to Falcons Right Guard David Melin's home with Linebacker Matthieu Fayard for an evening of food, adult beverages, friendship and Poker. We all had a great time but, as with all casinos large and small throughout the world, no pictures were allowed.

Good Times Indeed!!!

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