Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Arrested and Two Beautiful Days in Lyon

The last two days have been both interesting and hectic to say the very least.

It all started easily enough with a quick lunch at my favorite kebab/taco shop.

Laurie's delicious kebab 

Then we were off to the
Parc de la Tête d'Or

A little R&R in the sun sounded great!

The ducks liked it too

Great Choice

After about 90 minutes of basking, we decided to start roaming the rues of Lyon's 6th district. 

We discovered a Portuguese Church

Guarded by Saints

 Jacob's Well

Nice Mosaic Floor

Jesus was, of course.

After a very nice afternoon with Laurie, it was time for John and I to start our ten minute walk to the stadium for our meeting with the Falcons to review the video of Sunday's game against the Servals.

That is when all Hell broke loose. A Police car pulled over and the officers started to grill John with the language barrier really adding fuel to a fire of unknown origin.

They threw John in the back of their car while Laurie started taking pictures of a possible French Rodney King situation unfolding in front of her.

As near as I could make out, they thought that John was a man wanted for what I could only assume was a serious crime of some sort.   

 John gave me a look,
Laurie nodded and . . .

The next thing I knew it was
Grand Theft Auto time in Bron!!!

Of course, it could be that shorter officer is Geremie Puigcerver, a player on the Falcons' B team. They may just be saying "Hello" to us.

If they were, it would not be anywhere nearly as good a story.

Regardless of which story you believe, we had a very instructive meeting with the Falcons.

Sun Bathing on Wednesday

The thermometer hit 77ºF/25ºC in Lyon today. 

Interesting Face on rue Victor Hugo

Lunch on the Saône Riverside

Sitting atop St-Jean Cathédrale

 Sidewalk Café Society

Notre Dame Basilica

Are those Falcons?

 Laurie in awe

Golden Chandelier

Santiago de Compostela Mosaic

Lyon below the Basilica

 At the Roman Amphitheater

Lots of concerts are scheduled here for the Summer.

Good Shopping Within


The day ended with two good practices by our playoff bound Cadet squad and by our Junior team who plays their last regular season game on Sunday. A win over the Lyon Gones and our Juniors make the post-season tournament as well.

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