Monday, April 8, 2013

A Sunny Sunday in Paris

After a very solid and inexpensive Continental breakfast in our hotel, we were off to explore more of the City of Lights. On a previous four day stay in Paris, we had seen all of the city's major tourist sights so our goal this weekend was to see some of the second level attractions and, of course, enjoy some fine cuisine.

Great Little Book

This book discusses 27 of Paris' most famous citizens and then offers fun walks in the footsteps of these luminaries through their own personal haunts.

We opted to take two of these walks this weekend. On Saturday it was the Pablo Picasso walk through the Montmartre area where our hotel is located.

Today we retraced the steps of painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec through the Montmartre yet again. 

Lots of artists have called Montmartre
home over the centuries

Possible Game Day Shoes for my new
coaching job at Newbury Park H.S.

Made for Montmartre in her new
Parisian scarf

The Moulin de la Galette

How did his little legs manage these hills on a daily basis?

Nothing to do with our artist
but colorful nonetheless

Fresh seafood for sale on the
Toulouse-Lautrec Walk

Hmmm, a pastry shop



The cheeses also looked good too

Thick Stalks of White Asparagus

Cuba in Montmartre

Toulouse-Lautrec's most famous haunt

Still open to this very day, it featured dancer La Goulue who was the inspiration for many of Toulouse-Lautrec's most famous works.

Now a tourist trap of the first order, we opted not to go in.

His home for six years

Zombies in Paris???

Not me!

That's not the Space Needle is it?

Good tailored shirts require decisions

What collar style?

What cuff style?

How about buttons?

Another of Cousin Harris'
Parisian relatives

Parisians enjoying a sunny Sunday

We were too!

Laurie buying another, soon-to-be,
family heirloom

Make that TWO soon-to-be family
heirlooms, one green and one purple

That's not the Space Needle I was told,
rather the Eiffel Tower

Nice on a clear day . . .

Make that a nice clear Spring day

All joking and cherry blossoms aside, what a wondrous Parisian icon!


Late lunch/early dinner
recommended by Olivier Rival

It was a short walk from the Eiffel Tower and we were in for our best meal yet!

Table for Two SVP

Yes, table #110 will do just fine, merci.

Laurie fit right into the surroundings

They serve sumptuous desserts it appears

The BEST onion soup EVER!!!

Laurie had a delicious side of pig
and some sauerkraut

As for me, duck Foie Gras SVP!

One bite sent me straight
into a state of nirvana

Not legal in California. I have got to move!!!

A Waiter Waiting

My favorite stop on the #12 Metro Line

Laurie shopping in Montmartre again

What was she looking for now?

Of course, a new beret!

So we finished our Sunday
where we started our weekend . . .

At the base of the Montmartre Steps leading to the Sacré-Couer Basilica.

We return to Lyon via TGV train Monday afternoon. John, his sister Amber and cousin Leslie were in Barcelona all weekend, so I know that we will have many travel adventure stories to swap.

Congratulations to Coach Skip Albano and the Thun Tigers on their 20-6 season opening victory Sunday over the defending Swiss Division II National Champion Basel Meanmachine.

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