Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain, Rain GO AWAY . . .

On Friday and Saturday, the rains returned to Lyon.


We would all have to adapt to the weather in our own individual ways . . .

John van den Raadt
Hard at Work in the Kitchen

John loves to cook, but he outdid himself this time.

Above you see him on Thursday day night preparing Falcons RG David Melin's recipe for chocolate mousse. It would become a fantastic dessert on Friday night!!!

For our Friday night's Plat du Jour at The Villa, John made delicious chicken enchiladas that made us all think of home to be sure.

John needs to open a restaurant some day.

Friday afternoon Laurie and I opted for lunch out on the town.

At Sophie's in St-Just

We were offered Absinthe
by Olivier, our host at Sophie's

Interesting but no Green Fairies showed up to help us pass the afternoon.

In the evening we were the guests of Falcons LT Djamel Laib and his family at the Astroballe Arena in Villeurbanne for a French Division I basketball game.

ASVEL (15-12)
Gravelines-Dunkerque (20-8)

Our local basketball club, ASVEL, entered the game in seventh place in France's premier 16 team circuit. The visitors, on the other hand, were in first place.

Needless to say, ASVEL would have its hands full tonight.

The view from seats
26 & 27, Nord End Zone, Row I


Gravelines-Dunkerque was wearing the white warm-ups but would play in Navy blue uniforms.

ASVEL was in their traditional lime green outfits.

Vertical Leap?

Rebound that Basketball!

The ASVEL Crazies were in the
South End Zone opposite us

ASVEL Mascot
Up Close and Personal

ASVEL played a great first half. They took the full measure of the league leaders, at the intermission our boys were up 35-20!

Fashion Statement

Praying Mantis?

Drive to the Bucket

ASVEL Lay Up for Two


Gravelines-Dunkerque looked every bit the part of the league's best club in storming back to tie the game late in the Fourth Quarter.

ASVEL responded with some good defense in the last two minutes of the contest and made their free throws to survive the Gravelines-Dunkerque furious comeback. ASVEL survived and celebrated a 67-65 victory. 

Post Game Victory Lap
with the ASVEL Fans

This is a tradition by the ASVEL players after each win, they circle the entire arena high-fiving all of the fans who flocked to the court side.

On Saturday the rain continued so we opted for some reading and a The Mentalist and Grey's Anatomy marathon on our TV from the comfort of our cozy sofa.

It will be our turn to cook for John tonight. Sicilian-style pasta it is then!

On Sunday, our Junior squad plays its last regular season game at the home of the Lyon Gones. The Juniors need to win to join the Falcons' Senior and Cadet teams in post-season play.

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