Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Good Day in Lyon and a GREAT Falcons Practice

We left The Villa early on Thursday to go to the weekly AVF Club meeting, explore more of the Vieux Lyon and have lunch with Julien Urgenti in the St-Just area of the city.

Today was still part Winter . . . 

. . . and part Spring as well

 Laurie at Place Bellecour where we met . . .

Mary Robinson Hubert for the
walk to the AVF Club meeting
It was a quiet day today with only a few members in attendance.

One of the club members, Barbara who is originally from Germany, got us to sign up for a relaxing nature hike sponsored by the club and led by her on April 22nd. It should be fun.

 Professor Fate's Balloon?

 We practiced some dance steps today

Laurie Framed in the Vieux Lyon

A Gargoyle for the Home

Laurie with St-Jean Cathédrale

More Signs of Spring

The St-Joan of Arc Society perhaps

Laurie with Georges
The Chef of Sophie's Restaurant

Papa Georges has been a consistently great source of fine cuisine at my favorite restaurant for months now.

Today Laurie raved about his chicken liver dish while I was enchanted by his beef lasagna. We enjoyed Julien Urgenti's company as always during another splendid dining experience.

Laurie near the St-Georges district
foot bridge over the Saône River

Laurie only bought two pairs of shoes on this day which was a major victory for me.

Sunday's Final Regular Season Game
Clermont-Ferrand Servals (1-5)
Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons (7-0)

We had our last practice tonight in what some would call a deluge of biblical proportions or, as we know it, a fine example of "FALCON WEATHER!!!"

Our Falcons gave a GREAT effort tonight! I think that we are ready to play a good game against a dangerous opponent.

The Servals have lost two one point games this season including a 13-14 loss to the second place Bulldogs two games ago. The Servals beat the Aigles team that gave us all that we could handle by a 7-6 tally in their last contest.

While this is our last regular season game, the other four teams in our Sud Poule C will play again the weekend of April 27-28 to make up games that were postponed due to weather issues weeks ago.

The 16 team National Division III Playoffs begin on April 27-28. By virtue of being the Sud Poule C Champions, the Falcons will host a first round playoff game against an as yet undetermined #2 squad from one of the other three Division III leagues from the South of France.

Sunday is HAMMER TIME!!!


David said...

I think you need to pick up one of those home gargoyles for Casa Contreras in Camarillo.

George said...

Only one?

David said...

Well, I figure there might be weight issues for the suitcase.