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Regular Season Finale

Sunday was a doubleheader Game Day as the Falcons would host a Cadet game vs. the Lyon Gones at 11:00 a.m.

That contest would be followed by the main event at 3:00 p.m., when our 7-0 Senior team would take on the 1-5 Clermont-Ferrand Servals in our team's final tune-up before the start of the 16 team National Playoffs on the weekend of April 27-28.

Let's take a quick look at the Cadet game.

Both teams passed well

Falcons Sweep

Bootleg TD

The Cadet game was as intense as a cross-town rivalry skirmish should be with the teams trading touchdowns throughout the day.

The final score was a 20-20 tie as our Cadets finished their regular season with a mark of 3-0-1 and the league title in hand. Next up for the Cadets is a playoff game in a few weeks against an, as of yet, unnamed opponent.

Last Regular Season Senior Game

Sunday's Senior game was intriguing as the 1-5 Servals had, in their last two games, lost 14-13 to the second place St-Cergues Bulldogs and beaten the tough Chambéry Aigles 7-6.

DJ Baptiste Gabriac was in the House

The weather was an issue as well, as it was sunny, windy and in the low 70ºF/20ºF range. The heat today would be an issue for both squads and, of course, we had no water for the teams as we warmed up. Finally, just before kickoff, the much needed supply of water arrived.

As were Marianne and
Jean-Charles Damboise

The next problem of the morning was the Servals low numbers as only 18 athletes were suited up for the visitors. They requested that we play four 20 minute running time quarters instead of the usual 12 minute quarters with the clock stopping according to the common rules of American football.

After consulting the other Falcon coaches, we agreed to the running clock. It was a mistake as the game took almost three hours to play!

 QB John van den Raadt warming up

 Volunteer Trainer Shannon Tesseyre

She does a great job helping our banged up Falcons.

Warm up Tackling

Words of Wisdom

Here Come the Falcons!

Coin Flip


Stephen Wohlert's defense was superb all day long.


Papi Bastiand's kickoff sailed into the end zone to start the game with a touchback. The Falcons' defense set the tone for the day with their first of several Serval Three and Out Punts.

The Falcons' offense also came to play with a quick scoring drive capped by Thibaud Rontet's one yard TD scamper. The PAT attempt failed but the boys from Bron-Villeurbanne still led 6-0.

The ensuing kickoff died at the Servals' 1" line rather than going out of bounds. The Serval return man was forced to dive on the ball just before a Falcon pounced on the ball. The Servals fumbled the ball on their first play and OLB David Ollagnier recovered it for a Falcon TD. The PAT snap was botched but the Falcons now led 12-0.

The Servals opted to go for it on Fourth Down deep in their own territory but MLB Matthieu Fayard's excellent form tackle stopped the ball carrier well short of the First Down.


The refs decided to measure only to discover that there was no clip on our set of chains. The home team in France needs to provide this yard line marking clip not the sideline ref as in America. We were first informed that not having a clip would cost us first a time out and then we would have to forfeit the game if a clip could not be provided with in 30 minutes. We finally came up with a key ring to substitute for the clip that the ref agreed to use.

Only in EuroBall.

Meanwhile, back at the game after the measurement confirmed the obvious, the Servals were a good yard short of a First Down. The Falcons scored on the first play of the drive as QB John van den Raadt connected with RB Thibaud Rontet for a 21 yard TD strike. The PAT by Papi Bastiand was good, the Falcons were looking every bit like the Sud Poule C champions that they are as they increased their advantage to 19-0.

The Servals were Three and Out Punting again into the face of a very strong wind which gave the Falcons another short field to work with.

The Falcons hopes were dashed as we turned the ball over on a fumble.

The Servals got their only First Down of the game before being forced to punt.

The Falcons struck quickly again as van den Raadt hit WR Romain Neftise with a 55 yard TD bomb on the last play of the First Quarter. The PAT was true and the Falcons led 26-0 at the end of the First Quarter.

This supposed 20 minute running time quarter lasted just over 50 minutes of real time due to the scoring and the missing clip discussions . . . go figure!  

Our Pleasant Sideline Ref

Bombs Away

RB Steven "Gypsy King" Berthomier

Steven did a fine job stepping in from his normal Strong Safety spot. We entered the game with only one running back suited out due to injuries and job related demands. Steve prepared for his role in the offense and his hard work paid off today.

On the Goal Line

Thibaud Rontet on a Swing Pass

Sniffing the Goal Line

David Ollagnier on the tackle

No Clip . . . Forfeit . . . REALLY!


The Servals were Three and Out Punting for the third time in the game.

The Falcons fumbled the ball away again as we were starting to lose our focus.

For the fourth time, the Servals go Three and Out Punt.

The Falcons tried a few passes as the half came to an end with the score still 26-0 in favor of the Falcons. 

Our Special Teams played well today

The Gypsy King Dancing Mid-Game


DT Bernard Demea on the tackle

So Close

Falcon Cheerleaders at the Half


The Falcons marched the ball down the field and finished the drive with another van den Raadt to Nefise TD pass, this time from 31 yards out. The PAT was good, the Falcons led 33-0 and our stellar QB John van den Raadt was done for the day.

Servals go Three and Out Punt for the fifth time.

QB Bruno Chapuis enters the fray but the Falcons go Three and Out Punt themselves.

OLB David Ollagnier continues to enjoy his big day by forcing a Serval fumble that DE Romaric Vagner recovered.

The Falcons turned the ball over on downs at the Servals' 13 yard line.

MLB Matthieu Fayard comes up with another big play that after much discussion with the referees is ruled a Safety. The Falcons led 35-0.

The Falcons are driving as the Third Quarter ends with the Falcons dominating 35-0.

VDR is loose in the secondary

TD Romain Nefise!

Thibaud Rontet drawing a crowd

Yet another conference
slowing down the game


The Falcons drive that started in the Third Quarter ends with a punt.

Servals Three and Out Punt for the sixth time.

The Falcons used their third QB of the day, Mathieu Paredes, who found WRs Pierro Theyssier and Chris Garel for two large gains. These two passes led to another Mathieu Paredes' patented QB Wedge play for a two yard TD. The PAT failed but the Falcons led 41-0.

The Servals opted to take a knee to bring the game to a close with the Falcons improving to 8-0 on the strength of their 41-0 victory over the 1-6 Servals. 

QB Bruno Chapuis lets one fly

As does QB Mathieu Paredes

Paredes Wedge for a TD

Thanking the Crowd

OLB David Ollagnier won
the Game Hammer

Adding another Victory Decal

Grab The Hammer!

The Heart and Soul of a Great Offense
The Offensive Line

A big MERCI to Laurie Contreras for taking all of these pictures at both games on Sunday!

The 2013 Senior Division III Playoffs
Start the Weekend of April 27-28

The 16 team National Division III Championship Playoff brackets are still not completely settled because there are many games being played next weekend throughout France that are make-ups of earlier season contests postponed by the weather.

We will soon find out which second place team our Sud Poule C Champion Falcons will host in the opening weekend of the playoffs in two weeks.

Week #10 Game Results
Bron-Villeurbanne 41 - Clermont-Ferrand 0
Chambéry 28 - Lyon 21
BYE: St-Cergues

Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons 8-0 *#+
St-Cergues Bulldogs 5-2 #
Chambéry Aigles 3-4
Clermont-Ferrand Servals 1-6
Lyon Gones 1-6
* Sud Poule C Champions
# Earned Sud Poule C Playoff Bid
+ Regular Season Completed

Week #6 Make-up Games
Sunday, April 21, 2013
Clermont-Ferrand (1-6) at Lyon (1-6)
Chambéry (3-4) at St-Cergues (5-2)
BYE: Bron-Villeurbanne (8-0)

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