Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bulldogs Game Photos and Visitors

First and foremost today, Happy 37th Birthday to our youngest son . . .

Michael Contreras

Winner of the 2013 Oakland A's Rollie Fingers Look-a-Like Contest.

The Villa's population has temporarily swelled to four people as John returned from his two day trip to Geneva, Switzerland with his sister Amber and cousin Leslie in tow.

It is nice having two ladies in The Villa.

Nice day in the greater Lyon megalopolis today. It was perfect for a short walk in the city with a café at a sidewalk table and a good book to read.

I opted for the café 

Spring has Sprung


Here are some late arriving photos from last Sunday's Falcons' 41-6 victory in St-Cergues, France. Thanks to photographer Santi Botella for all of these great photos!

RB Brice Rontet

RB Thibaud Rontet

LB Sam Ajavon
Broken Up Pass 

LB Christophe Aucoin 
Chasing a Bulldog Down

WR Chris Garel
Welcome Back!

 QB John van den Raadt
Our Leader

Bombs Away!!!

Building a Hole

Tracking Down a QB
DE Bernard Demea and DT Will Lacom

Running to the Ball

Sprint Out Pass

Lightning in Traffic

 Thibaud Rontet
Going Airborne

Thibaud Rontet
Fighting for an Extra Yard

TD!!! Oui???

Pierre Podgorski, David Ollagnier
and Matthieu Givet in Hot Pursuit!

FS Ismael Sánchez
The Falcons' answer to Jack Tatum

Interception LB David Ollagnier!!!


2012-13 Division III Sud Poule C Champions
Post-Game Talk

Reading Is FUNdamental

Classic Noir Pulp Fiction

A fun, quick read about the dark underbelly of the 1940's Los Angeles' crime scene.

Oh my, only . . .

More Days until my
"The City of Lights" Weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

#47 is Christophe Aucoin, I think.


George said...

You are correct, the changing jersey numbers every game trick worked on me this time. I'll correct the blog.