Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Sunny Day on La Croix-Rousse

Another Thursday, another AVF foreigners club meeting in the Vieux Lyon. Today's theme for the food offerings was . . .


The bruschetta and prosciutto was outstanding!

So was the tiramisu!!!

After the meeting, we joined Mary Robinson Hubert for the walk/ride to La Croix-Rousse to see the latest incarnation of Le Mur des Canuts.

The Original Wall in 1986

In 1986, in La Croix-Rousse there was this large and rather ugly building. Local artists were commissioned to transform the eyesore into Europe's largest mural.

The First Mural in 1987

The original mural was unveiled in 1987 to great acclaim. Ten years later, in 1997, the mural was renovated again to the delight of the locals. It was this version that I saw and profiled on this blog before Christmas.

The Second Mural in 1997

Since then, another mural was commissioned. This one took some of the people that appeared in the 1997 version and show them again as they appear now, 16 years later. 

The 2013 Version of Le Mur des Canuts
Big and Colorful

Ivy was added

The steps of La Croix-Rousse

Steps close up

 Lyon's Famous Guignol Puppets


Break Dancers???

Laurie and Mary got in line

Mary took a seat on the steps

It is really a spectacular mural that should not be missed.

 I hear you knocking

We were joined by Mary's husband Gerard for lunch on La Croix-Rousse.

 GREAT Restaurant!!!

The theme is The Seven Deadly Sins. Each type of food offering has seven choices, each named for one of these biblical transgressions.

These hats should be on any
list of deadly fashion sins

The restaurant has dozens of similar hats for patrons to wear if they are seated in the sun or at today's sidewalk tables.

 This was my HUGE salad named

Huge and GOOD!

Gerard had tripe

He shared a bite and it was quite good.

Laurie and Mary
Another Deadly Fashion Sin

In the evening our Senior team really got after it with another very intense practice in preparation for our April 28th National Playoff opener.

As their coach, I was very pleased.

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