Monday, April 8, 2013

Paris to Lyon

Monday was a travel day as we said au revoir to Paris and bonjour to Lyon. Before leaving The City of Lights, we did roam about the Montmartre district where our hotel was found a little bit more.

Literally, "The Bread Attic"

This normal looking boulangerie is located about 50 meters from our hotel on Rue des Abbesses. Because of its location, I visited it on Friday morning before heading out to the airport to meet Laurie. Just the usual croissant and pain chocolate for me. My instant reaction was that these were both exceptional to say the very least.

Later, I received a text message from Falcon OT Djamel Laib saying that since we were staying in Montmartre I HAD to eat a pain chocolate at Le Grenier à Pain.

Finally, while re-reading the food section of my copy of Stephen Clarke's Paris Revealed The Secret Life of a City, that in 2010 this boulangerie was named the best in all of the city of Paris!

I can not offer any alternative from any other boulangerie that I have frequented in France to compare. This is one great bread making shop!

Give us this day our daily baguette


 . . . and SO good for you too!

The "I Love You Wall" in
Lots of Different Languages

Antique Shop

Last chance to eat/drink before martyrdom?


A jog up these stairs was not on
our agenda today, maybe next time

We needed some sustenance


Laurie waiting for a table to
open up for us to have a café

Mural Window

Shades of Switzerland?

Colorful Place for a Drink

From the Angel Store

Vibrant Colors

Montmartre New Looking
House of Worship

The train trip took two hours that passed by quickly thanks, in part, to a delicious ham and cheese sandwich on a fine specialty baguette from Le Grenier à Pain. 

Laurie's First Buy at our local
boulangerie in Bron, France

Hopefully, the first of many such trips for her in the next few months.

Our Cadet and Junior practices were good ones tonight.

I forgot to mention that our Cadet squad beat the St-Étienne Giants on Sunday by a final tally of 48-6! Our Cadets are now 3-0 and have clinched a playoff spot with one game left in the regular season.



Olivier R said...

You made me laugh because they're my hereditarian ennemies but even I'd not dare to call a savoyard a swiss!

Olivier R said...

BTW Steinkerque is a battle won in Belgium by the army of Louis the XIV vs Guillaume of Orange