Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New and Improved French American Football Playoff Brackets . . . LOGIC BE DAMNED!!!

Today we will explore the wonderful world of logic.

The French Federation of Football Américain finally released their official playoff pairings for this weekend's Division III, Junior and Cadet games. No hurry on their part as today is Wednesday and we play on Sunday.

The previous pairings that I posted two days ago were based on the FFFA's stated playoff formula that used your league status, overall record and seasonal scoring differential to seed the playoffs. France's two leading websites on American football in France both agreed on Monday by using the FFFA's formula which 16 teams were in and what the seeding would be.

The FFFA did not agree as the seedings are different based on one Northern and one Southern team that came in second in their respective leagues being snubbed in favor of third place teams for some unknown reason.

In the North, the Nord Poule C runner-up Le Havre Salamandres (6-3-1) are out of my original bracket and are replaced by the Nord Poule C's third place team, the Asnières-sur-Seine Molosses B at 5-3-2.


In the South, the Sud Poule B Champion Pau Sphinx (6-2) are also out of the money in favor of the Sud Poule B's third place squad, the Cenon Devils (4-4).

What the . . . ?

Very curious indeed!!!

A last minute change is not out of the question in my opinion.

Here are the new and improved brackets which fortunately still have us playing against the Albi Hurricane in the first round, so that fortunately neither of us wasted any preparation or practice time the last two days.

Teams are listed with their North and South bracket seedings, season records and league finish. Again, for brevity's sake, Nord Poule A is abbreviated to NPA, Sud Poule C to SPC and so on.

Northern France Bracket
Saturday or Sunday, April 27-28

#8 Asnières-sur-Seine Molosses B (5-3-2), NPC #3 at
#1 St-Herblain Dockers (8-0), NPB #1

#5 Caen Conquérants (7-3), NPC #1 at
#4 Villepinte Diables Rouges (5-1), NPE #1

#6 Strasbourg Minotaures (8-2), NPA #2 at
#3 Terville Gueules Jaunes (9-1), NPA #1

#7 La Courneuve Flash B (4-2), NPE #2 at
#2 Tours Pionniers (6-0), NPD #1

Southern France Bracket
Saturday or Sunday, April 27-28

#8 Flayosc Dragons Noirs (3-2)SPD #2 at
#1 Montrabé Comètes (8-0), SPA #1

#5 Cenon Devils (4-4), SPB #3 at
#4 Marseille Blue Stars (3-1-1), SPD #1

#6 St-Cergues Bulldogs (6-2), SPC #2 at
#3 Bordeaux Lions (5-2-1), SPB #2

#7 Albi Hurricane (5-3), SPA #2 at
#2 Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons (8-0), SPC #1

Conference Semi-Final Games
Saturday or Sunday, May 11 or 12

Conference Championship Games
Saturday or Sunday, May 25 or 26

The Casque D'Argent
National Championship Game
Saturday or Sunday, June 8 or 9

We will host the Albi Hurricane at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

In other playoff related news, the Falcons' Junior and Cadet teams also qualified for post season play. At these two levels, the playoffs are 32 team affairs with a possible five game endurance run to a National title.

Our 2-2 Junior team will travel on Sunday to play the Avignon Warriors.

At 11:00 a.m., our 3-0-1 Cadet squad will host the Montpellier Hurricanes, not to be confused with the Albi Hurricane that our Senior team's confronts that same day.

Sunday is definitely Game Day for the Falcons!

Bonne Chance Falcons!

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