Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vieux Lyon Renaissance Festival

Saturday morning, Laurie and I jumped on the Metro System to partake of the colorful Vieux Lyon Renaissance Festival.

We headed to St-Jean Cathédrale for the end of the opening parade that started at Place Bellecour.

A Renaissance Festival parading into a medieval Cathedral Square, this should be really good!

Big Banners were a MUST!

Three Stately Gentlemen
led the way

One of many Flagmen

Great Flags!!!

The Landed Gentry

The Drum Line on the Cathédrale Steps 

A Serf




A Baron no doubt

Tall People


A Rifleman

A Military Presence

I Liked the Beard

VERY Colorful Day

Drummers At Ease

All sorts of Banners

A Cannon at Last

Everyone was finally here.
Time for the Flag Show.

Let Her Fly

Twirl Them Too

Three At Once!

Flag Pride!

Will it come down?


Flag Women as well

Good Guys

Not So Good Guys

Laurie wanted a pair of these ear rings

Peasant Mother and Child

Sing a soulful ballad about love,
what else . . .

After the parade was over, we visited some of the Renaissance oriented shops that had been set up in the Place nearby.



Unknown Medieval Spice

Amazing Woodcarving

Long Live the Queen!

What a great festival!

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