Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday Afternoon and a VERY Nice Meal

After the Renaissance Festivel on Saturday, we decided to enjoy the sunny, 60+º weather in Lyon by continuing to walk around the rues of the Vieux Lyon.

this chair needs to be recovered

That would still be a NO, Laurie

Although I do like these better than the ones with wings.

People do smoke in France

St. Roch

I would have guessed St. James of Camino de Santiago fame. Laurie had never been inside of St-Georges Church in the Vieux Lyon so we just HAD to go in for her to light two candles for Kevin and Jacob.


Intricate St-Georges Woodcarving

Young Love in Lyon

Old love wasn't so bad there today either.

Now it was on to Place Bellecour.

Laurie had to REALLY
think about this one

That would be a NO!

You have to love a good tuba man

Free French Flag from WWII

It was indeed a BIG balloon day

Glace Dessert

In the evening, Laurie and I were invited to the home of Jean-Charles, Marianne, Julien and Lucie Damboise for dinner.

I was chastised by Marianne for not taking more pictures than this one of the fabulous dessert that they served us after a brilliant meal of tasty foie gras, perfectly prepared lamb and a wonderful assortment of French cheeses.

Quite frankly, the conversations were so good and non-stop that I simply forgot about my normal picture taking habits until the dessert was served.

As always, the Damboise family were great and very kind hosts. We hope to repay them as we host Lucie in our home in August. It should be lots of fun!


David said...

Nice of you to loan the tuba player a pair of your pants.

George said...

It was the least that I could do for him.