Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zug and Laurie

Thursday, May 31st finally arrived, the day my lovely bride Laurie would arrive in Zürich to spend the rest of my time in Switzerland with me. I was quite anxious to see her but her plane would not touchdown until 6:30 p.m.

I decided to take the train north to the city of Zug near Zürich in the morning to both see this splendid little lakeside town and search for a man by the name of Dave Court who runs Zug's Mr. Pickwick Pub.

Dave is originaly from Winnipeg, Canada and is a friend of Roger Kelly. Roger is the head man at which is the clearinghouse for all things dealing with imports wanting to play or coach American football in Europe.

Roger had told me that I must get to Zug to meet Dave before I leave Switzerland, so today was the day!

First, let's tour Zug.

Zur's Old Town across the Zugersee 

Old town, New sculpture

On a warm, hot day
these seemed like fun

It was a warm, hot day

Laying out is O.K. too.

How old is that lock? 

Interesting ducks 

Zyt Tower 

Over 600 years old, it sports a fine atomic clock on the bottom.

The Kolinplatz 

This is one of Zug's colorful, main squares in the Old Town. This fountain was erected in 1541.

A military officer holding the Zug colors 

I love EuroSigns 

Oh, to be young and catching
the aroma of fresh bread 

A stained glass sign is a new twist

A Jewish pirate watering hole?

Quirky beer drinkers 

And I also love Heraldry

Saintly Zug

Lots to interpret here

Heraldry and a Mural is a good pairing

Fountain faces are also of interest to me . . . 

Like this one

Our house in Camarillo
needs a new paint job . . .

This would be a refreshing look

OK, it was time to eat and find the Mr. Pickwick Pub. 

It is located in the new part of Zug which . . .

Has a MUCH different art scene

Eureka! I found it near the Zug Bahnhof

A libation before lunch

Dave Court 

As advertised, he is a good guy. We had a good talk over a solid BBQ pork lunch.

If anybody has a 1967 Corvette for sale, Dave would like to talk to you.

But it was now time to reboard the train for the Zürich Airport. The first order of business was to check into our Airport Welcome Inn before going to meet Laurie with Swiss chocolates and a red rose in hand.

By the time Laurie cleared customs, got her luggage, boarded the hotel shuttle bus and freshened up, it was after 8:00 p.m.

Perfect timing for a late, continental dinner in Zürich.

Laurie in Zürich 

V is for . . . 

Not quite sure why a Guy Fawkes mask in Zürich but I loved that movie.

She is bigger than your
average garden gnome 

We had a delightful Italian dinner at an outdoor ristorante facing the Limmat River. She was tired from her flight but still quite the conversationalist.

It was good to have her back.

Reading is FUNdamental


The second of two Jo Nesbø books that Rudy Bohren lent me, it was a great read if you like dark, Scandinavian mysterys which I do.

Train travel is very conducive to reading.



David said...

Glad the lovebirds are reunited.

I fear the Swiss powdered sugar industry is about to take a big hit, however.

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