Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One More Day


Sundays in Switzerland are still sacred. From 5:00 Saturday afternoon until 9:00 on Monday morning, shops remain closed as town centers are turned into ghost towns. 

Schwingen Update
Many of you expressed interest in last Saturday's post about Swiss wrestling that is known as Schwingen. Rudy Bohren, the veteran Schwingener and Jack-of-All-Trades Thun Tiger sent me some YouTube links that may interest you.

This first one is a video of the final bout last Saturday's tournament. Rudy informed me that the final bouts can last up to 12 minutes, double the usual time, unless there is a decision:

And now a video from the final bout of the last National Championship event in August of 2010 where 20 year old Kilian Wenger was crowned the king of Schwingen Wenger is enjoying a three year reign until next National Championship event in 2013. Wengen is at the end of his eighth bout. Apparently he won all eight bouts in fantastic fashion. The final bout, seen here in highlight form, ended after nearly 13 minutes of wrestling in brutal heat:

Rudy's final video clip is also of Kilian Wenger in the fifth bout of the 2010 National Championship event, beating former three time "King of Schwingen" Jörg Aberderhalden in what Rudy called "one of the most fascinating fights ever. 50'000 people holding their breath until the decision was finally valid after a specatular offensive performance and a long ground fight by both wrestlers.":

Maybe a Vespa should be my next "car" 

We had two solid practices tonight, the U-16 team at 6:00 p.m. and the Senior squad at 7:30 p.m. The week off seemed to do a lot of good for our players' bodies.

The Aare River on a Spring Day

18 hours and 47 minutes from right now, Laurie's plane touches down in Zürich, Switzerland.


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