Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LUCAF Game Photos

A good U-16 practice followed by a good Senior team practice made me feel a lot better about our Tigers and our fighting spirit. We will battle.

Here are some pictures from our 23-7 loss to the red and black clad LUCAF Owls last Sunday.

 LUCAF RB #33 is a STUD!

The Brunner Brothers go air borne.

we need to be better than this 

Rockin' and a Roland

Roland Andrist is a tough running RB for your Thun Tigers.

A well blocked Bootleg play

Adrian Jüsy on the reception

A Mario Wyssen Kickoff Return 

Mario had a great game at Free Safety for us.


#21, SS Niklaus Rhyner would rcover this one.

Roland Andrist was our
Offensive Player-of-the-Game 

OT Mathias Krebs forearm to the throat

Near Safety by Johannes Brunner 

Rudy Bohren, Trap play for SIX!!!

#33, OLB Michael Brunner

Michael was our co-Defensive Player-of-the-Game along with FS Mario Wyssen.

Daniel Gygax, GREAT heart as always!


"Learn from our mistakes and move on." That about sums it up for all of our Tigers including me.

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