Monday, May 28, 2012

Airport Huelga and a Travel Day

Friday morning saw yet another early wake up as it was time to leave Spain and head back to Thun in time for our 7:30 p.m. U-19 practice.

I boarded the Madrid Metro and easily navigated the two line changes that led to Madrid's Barajas Airport. Check-in and security went smoothly as I then waited for my flight back to Barcelona.

 A Spanish Delight 

This package of paella was on sale at one of the airport's souvenir stands. I resisted buying it.

I wonder whatever happened to the packaged paella that Laurie and her dad used to pass back and forth?

The flight was smooth and we landed at Barcelona's El Prat de Llobregat Airport in plenty of time to collect my luggage and transfer to my flight back to Bern.

It turns out that the Barcelona Airport has two terminals. The flight from Madrid landed at Terminal 1 but my flight to Bern flew out of Terminal 2.

Not a big problem as the airport runs an efficient and free shuttle bus service between the two terminals. As it turns out, the distance between these these two terminals would make a nice one day stage on the Camino de Santiago, thank goodness for the shuttle in this heat.

Now Terminal 1 was clean, neat and peaceful . . .

First clue that Terminal 2 would be different

As I entered Terminal 2, I found this


It seems that the cleaning workers of Terminal 2 only were holding a one day work stoppage/demonstration. They had shredded 1000s of newspapers and littered them all over the Terminal. Some were taking trash out of the trash bins and spreading those on the floor as well.

This is Barcelona afterall, a hotbed of leftist activity for at least the last century.

Huelga Leaders 

Pots and pans make lots of noise as do . . .

Whistles . . . 

and Horns

Or just bring yourself in support

As for me, I sat down to observe their tactics as I opened my backpack to get out a snack as my check-in counter would not open for another hour.

After taking it all in, I decided to fall in line with these down trodden workers. In full support of the Huelga, I took the wrappers from my Migros meat stick and nutrition bar and cavalierly tossed both of them on the ground! I risked having the Guardia Civil arrest me for littering but I did not care . . .


The Huelga in Action!

Papers Everywhere 

Even this horse supported the Huelga 

The noise was deafening,
but the airport still operated smoothly 

Once through the security gates is was quiet and clean again but I did need an aspirin for my new, noise induced, headache.

Sky Works Air got me back to Bern's small, peaceful airport in no time, no work stoppages there.

I had plenty of time to catch the train and bus rides back to Helvetica in time for the U-19 practice.

New flowers on the wooden bridge

You leave for a few days and Urban Renewal projects go wild!

U-19 QB Nico Leibundgut ready to throw

Great protection, from left to right, is being provided by Left Tackle Lorenz Bütkofer, Left Guard Sascha Müller and Center Daniel Joost. We had a good workout as the 5-0 Tiger U-19 team prepared for Sunday's game with the 0-6 Neuchatel Knights.

The Senior team had a BYE this Sunday thus providing me the weeks travel opportunities.

After practice, we adjourned to the Morris restaurant for a late meal and more than a few libations. We had a great time and suddenly realized it was 12:30 a.m. We were still going strong but I was reminded that I was being picked up at 6:30 a.m. by Rudy Bohren for a new adventure, the Oberaargauische Schwingfeste! 

Rudy would be one of 184 participants in this all day event that would be my first exposure to the unique sport of Swiss wrestling officially called Schwingen.


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