Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Quiet Monday

Monday was a big shopping day as I was both short on supplies and knew that this coming Thursday is Ascension Thursday, a big Holy Day/holiday here in Switzerland where everything will be closed. 

Click on this to see the pollinating bee

That reminds me, has anyone had that "Birds and the Bees" talk yet with Kevin or Jacob?

She'll be here very soon!

The signs are everywhere.

A new Thun Tiger team sponsor?

"Lard Barbecue"

Grill one or two of these babies, melt some Gorgonzola cheese over them and voilá, you have California-style Raclette.

And so good for you too!


I spent the evening breaking down the Geneva game DVD and was pleased with what I saw. Still, we have a lot of room for improvement.

Now it is time to put the good memory of our second victory of the season behind us and get ready for the tough task of playing in Luzern next Sunday against the very physical Lions.

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