Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EuroBall Updates

A dreary indoors type of day was made much better by watching Season Three of "The Tudors."

The wages of this self indulgent afternoon will be staying up late tonight watching football video of both our game last Sunday and the DVDs we have on next Sunday's opponent, the first place, 5-0 Basel Meanmachine.

Before we go over last weekend's EuroBall results, I do want to go over two things of interest on my daily excursion into town . . .  

Whoever did this to our beloved Helvetia will
have Hell to pay when I find out their name! 

Day after day,
the Aare River just keeps rolling along 

Swiss American Football League

NLB Week #6 Results
LUCAF 23 - Thun 7
Basel 27 - Geneva 0 *
BYES: Fribourg and Luzern

NLB Standings
Basel Meanmachine 5-0
LUCAF Owls 3-0
Luzern Lions 2-3
Thun Tigers 1-2
Geneva Seahawks 1-3
Fribourg Cardinals 0-4

NLB Week #7 Games
Sunday, May 6
Thun (1-2) at Basel (5-0)
LUCAF (3-0) at Geneva (1-3) **
BYES: Fribourg (0-4) and Luzern (2-3)

Notes: The SAFV website has been down since Saturday due to a hacking attempt, although why anyone would want to hack that website is beyond all logic.

* Additionally, neither the Basel or Geneva team websites have published the exact score of their game last Sunday but the 27-0 score with Basel keeping their perfect record intact was reported by a reliable third party.

** Finally, I am guessing at the sight of the LUCAF-Geneva game because A. the SAFV website is down and B. both the Geneva and LUCAF team websites do not have their 2012 season schedules listed. Geneva's website does not even list their reults while at least LUCAF's does. Of course, the magical SAFV schedule makers could have given both Geneva and LUCAF BYES this weekend.

The Hurricanes (0-1) lost their 2012 Swedish season opener to the Kristianstad Predators (1-0) by a score of 49-6. The 'Canes have a BYE this coming weekend.

Catania (5-1) had a thrilling 35-28 overtime victory over the Reggio-Emilia Hogs (2-5). The Elephants are remain tied with the Ancona Dolphins (5-1) for second place in the 12 team Italian Football League. The Dolphins do own the tie-breaker, if needed, by virtue of their victory over Catania earlier this season.

Up next for Sicily's favorite team is a May 13th date with the first place, 7-1 Bologna Warriors on the island.

Things are shaping up well for Catania as the remainder of their schedule is favorable for Catania's fourth playoff bid in the last five seasons. Because the IFL has expanded from ten to 12 teams this year, the playoffs have also been expanded from the usual four clubs to this year's six teams.

After playing the Warriors, the Elephants play at the MisterSex.it Lazio Marines (0-7) and then finish the regular campaign with home games against the Bergamo Lions (2-5) and the Milan Rhinos (5-2).

The Red and Black also have to make-up a home game that was postponed due to field scheduling issues with the Milan Daemons (3-3).


Anonymous said...

Dear Coach Contreras,
FYI: to see schedules and results you can visit http://old.safv.ch

and you are guessing right LUCAF is playing Geneva this coming weekend, even though I agree with your comment on the magical SAFV schedule makers.

Looking forward to play the tigers again on their turf...

Philipp #13 LUCAF

George said...

Thanks Philipp,

Your team played very well on Sunday, I was very impressed by your defense in particular.

Good luck in Geneva.