Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swiss NLB Updates and Geneva Seahawks Game Pictures

NLB Week #8 Results:
Thun 20 - Geneva 6
Luzern 27 - Fribourg 3
BYES: Basel and LUCAF

NLB Standings:
Basel Meanmachine 6-0
LUCAF Owls 4-0
Luzern Lions 3-3
Thun Tigers 2-3
Geneva Seahawks 1-5
Fribourg Cardinals 0-5

Week #9 Games
Sunday, May 20, 2012
Thun (2-3) at Luzern (3-3)
Fribourg (0-5) at LUCAF (4-0)
BYES: Basel (6-0) and Geneva (1-5)

Thomas Vonlanthen did another excellent job taking pictures at today's Geneva Seahawks at Thun Tigers game.

 Rudy Bohren leading the
way for Roland Andrist

Ballet Part I 

Two Seahawk receivers in the same area? That can't be right.

Ballet Part II 

#82 FS Mario Wyssen making sure that this pass is incomplete.

Mario Wyssen on the tackle 

Wake up Roman.

Roland Andrist chugging along as usual 

OLB Michael Brunner
making another big hit

Two's company and three's a crowd but
this is a flat out mob scene

FB Rudy Bohren is the life of this party.

Rudy Bohren is hard to bring down

Better call for reinforcements.

Patrick Schlauri in the middle,
"Low Pad Wins"

Mario Wyssen breaking up another pass

DE Mischa Künzi and
OLB Jonannes Brunner on the tackle

34 Iso

Rolf Zybach about to score his first TD 

He would score all three Tiger TDs today. Note Dr. Warzecha, #16, in the background.

Mario Wyssen on a Kickoff Return 

FB Dominik Müller on the quick hitter 

Rudy Bohren blocking
for Roland Andrist again 

QB Sneak for a TD 

Rolf Zybach
Tiger QB and Touchdown Maker

DE #93 Daniel Binder, the Pride of Wengen,
using his hands well

The World's Oldest DB,
according to the Guiness Book of Records,
Arne Denecke making a fierce tackle . . .

That MLB #99 Killian Brunner
would finish off

Again, MERCI and DANKE to Thomas VonLanthen for all of these great pictures.


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