Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lazy Saturday


Cellophane was invented in 1908 by Dr. Jacques Brandenberger from Zürich, Switzerland.

Day 101 in Europe was highlighted by a BIG SURPRISE, a text message from Tiger center Stephan Pulver when I got home this evening informed me that my lapsed library card had been magically renewed for the remainder of my stay in Thun.


The Pirate Party 

I just may join these political dissidents if I obtain Swiss citizenship some day. They were trying to get me to sign-up during the usual Saturday Farmer's Market on Bälliz.

A Small Festival 

Upside down and spinning, I hope they stayed away from the pink cotton candy before they boarded.

The Boxer Punching Bag 
A Public Testosterone Check 


Super Mickey 


Annie Oakley was one of Laurie's favorites growing up!

Head On Collisions = FUN!!! 

Serenity near the rides 

A few meters away from the festival,

Just two groups of young men getting together for a game on a splendid afternoon.

Goalie Kick

Kneel before Zod! 

Break Away! 


Turn it 


Stop the ball 

Meanwhile on an adjoining pitch . . .

Some of Thun's young ladies
were playing as well

Thun's #13 was aggressive 

A nice little marina near the fields 


I think that Laurie and I may have won a bocce ball trophy once at Altadena's famous Sweat Tournament many, many years ago.

I agree with this duck, it was a good,
lazy day in Thun today

It will be Game Day in Luzern tomorrow, your Thun Tigers (2-3) vs. the Luzern Lions (3-3). It should be a very competitive contest between two teams that like to run the ball. 

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