Friday, May 18, 2012

100th Day


The obelus or division sign, two dots bisected by a line, ÷, was first used by Johan Heinrich Rahn in his text Teutsche Algebra published in Zürich, Switzerland in 1659. 

Today marked my 100th consecutive day of living the good life in Europe.

It also was the day that my darkest fear came true, my three month introductory Swiss Library Card expired. I have enjoyed countless excellent DVDs and several very good English language books courtesy of the card. I would have to pay 88 Swiss Francs to renew my card for a year. My other option is to wait for Laurie to arrive and have her get a one time only three month introductory card in her name for only 20 Swiss Francs. I think I'll wait now that it is less than two weeks until her arrival.

New Mexican Restaurant

On my daily walk into town today, I ran into this new Mexican/Creole restaurant that opened its doors for the first time today. I will have to try it out this weekend for sure.

More Signs of the
impending Irish Invasion

Two Things

First, I have to fire a cross bow just once before I leave.

Second, I have to buy two tickets for the William Tell Festival in Interlaken.

Heraldry in the streets of Thun


Yes, Thun has the World's Best Fire Department cars.

And a Funk House too.


This store sells used everything. Out front you can see these CDs and DVDs for sale. With my library card expired, I opted to buy two used DVDs for only five Swiss Francs each.

One problem, the store was closed and the proprietor left a note on the locked doors that he would not return for another 45 minutes. I'll go back Saturday and buy the DVDs then.

Obviously, Thun has a very low crime rate.

Reading is FUNdamental!!!

My last Stadtbibliothek read

This is the third book in Walker's Chief of Police Bruno series dealing with illicit truffle sales and a Chinese-Vietnamese triad war with its roots in France's Indo-Chinese Empire days. It was the last book that my library card allowed me to check out of the Thun Stadtbibliothek.

It was another good read, as I understand it their is a fourth book in the series that came out in late 2011 which I would like to read. Although I enjoy the feel of a book in my hand and the actual turning of the pages, I know that I need to start buying books on line to use on my iPad to save both money and weight while traveling.

I don't know, maybe I just like feeling that I have contributed to the destruction of a random forest.

EuroBall Weekend

On Saturday in Sweden, the fifth place Hässleholm Hurricanes (1-1) host the always dangerous sixth place Lugi Vikings (0-2).

In Rome, Italy on Sunday, the first place Catania Elephants (7-1) take on the 11th place Lazio Marines (1-8). The recent addition of legendary EuroBall QB Stan Bedwell to the Lazio roster might make this game a bit more interesting than the records would indicate. 

Finally in Switzerland, your fourth place Thun Tigers (2-3) travel on Sunday to Luzern to play the third place Lions (3-3).

Which of these two posters, both the creation of Tiger Simon Andrist, do you like best?


David said...

I vote for the second poster. Both good, though.

Johan said...

Hurricanes buried the Vikings 68-0 today. Luke Balch threw 5 TD:s and ran for one more. Alexis Koyfis in his first game of the season back from the US scored 4 TD:s (one on special teams returning a kickoff). Pär Danielsson had 3 TD:s in a solid game and rookie Johan Jörliden (former wrestler at top national level) scored his first ever TD. Marcus Persson had two INT:s of which one was returned for a TD. To quote coach Contreras; Good times indeed.

And yours truly had an awesome time as a speaker at the game.

George said...