Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Trip Up the Stockhorn

Today was perhaps the most beautiful weather day in the history of Switzerland! I half expected the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game to break out.

I took the opportunity to travel by train and gondola to the top of the 2,190 meter (7,185 foot) Stockhorn Mountain coutesy once again of the Travel Pass gift from Ueli and Annemarie Sutter's mother. 

First stop the village of
Erlenbach Im Simmental

 The cheese from the Simmental Valley region is what we call Swiss cheese in America

Springtime in Erlenbach 

Love the old style shutters . . .

And the wooden water trough

The Church in Erlenbach
dates back to the 11th century

The wooden roofed stairway was added in 1816.

Ancient Murals

The first of these murals was added in ca. 1300.

In 1527, as part of the Reformation, all of these murals were whitewashed over for what would be the first of several coats of paint over the centuries.

Main Chapel

In 1931, after being hidden for over 400 years, these murals were exposed and restored.

Thank goodness.

Beautiful Church Garden Area

Church Cemetery 

Old barn with the Bern canton crest 

Swiss Fern

This one asked if I knew Gayle Hicks 

The back of the Stockhorn 

That's a restaurant at the top.

After a two stage gondola ride, I was rewarded with this view of . . .

The Simmental Area

The Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau 

Wild Mountain Flowers 

The view of Thun

Non-Alpine Switzerland

The view North

"Top of the World, Ma!"

Lake Thun looking towards Interlaken

The Thun end of the Thunersee,
a.k.a., Lake Thun

The Stockhorn Gondola 

My view while eating lunch

After a light repast, it was back on the gondola for the ride down the mountain to the Chrindi Station about 548 meters (1,797 feet) lower than the crest of the Stockhorn.

Cool Swiss Wind Indicator 

A huge rocking horse at the Chrindi Station  

A hiker trudging up the Stockhorn

 The awesome Bern canton flag 

Erlenbach is so peaceful

Wood Stacking

When David and Gayle Hicks were visiting earlier this week, David commented on the way the Swiss had elevated wood stacking into a near art form. I hadn't noticed but I think that he may . . .

Be . . . 


Swiss Army Knife

Ueli surprised with this Swiss Army Kife as a gift tonight. It was made of chocolate.

The key word in that last sentence is "was."


Reading is FUNdamental!

Martin Walker is a new author for me and I really like his understated style and his main character, Chief of Police Bruno Courréges of St Denis, France.

The view of the Stockhorn
out my window at sunset tonight

MERCI again Momma Sutter!!!

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