Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tigers Take Silver Medal at Luzern

Second Luzern Game Today 

We started the last half of our season today at the home of the 3-3 Luzern Lions who we had beaten at home 6-0 in our second game.

The Official Thun Tiger Bus 

At 7:00 a.m., the Thun Senior and U-19 teams boarded our double-decked, recliner bus for the drive to Luzern. This big blue vehicle strato-streaked over the Alps and got us to the game field by 8:30 a.m.

The U-19 contest did not start until 11:00 a.m. and the Seniors played at 2:00 p.m.

We had a whole lot of waiting to do at the huge Sports Complex that was to be our game venue today.

View from the coffee shop 

Sheep grazing and a youth fussball game were on the menu to entertain us while we dined on croissants and coffee.

And waited.

U-19s Warming Up

 Luzern U-19 Kickoff Return

Our U-19s started slowly playing a very sloppy first half leading only 7-0 at the intermission.

Fortunately, the offense caught fire scoring three TDs in the Third Quarter and another one in the final stanza to win going away 35-0. The young Tigers played well on defense all game long.

The U-19s are now 5-0 on the season.

DT Patrick Vögeli
Now part of the Irish Invasion Army

Steeplechase Horse Race Track

Our game field is just a small part of the infield of this racetrack.

QB Rolf Zybach and
his cool hat in warm ups 

Tiger team introductions during document checks included . . .

FB/TB/TE and
today LB Rudy Bohren 

OT Mathias Krebs and his son . . . 

OG Bruno Krebs

Markus Moser bringing the Hammer

Thun Tigers (2-3) 
Luzern Lions (3-3)

We entered the game full of hope and promise after winning last week against Geneva and having had a good two days of practice this day.

We would leave the game bruised and battered by a Luzern team that beat us in all phases of the game, they were just flat out better than us on this Sunday.

The game summary . . .


Luzern started the game on offense going for it on fourth down but the Tiger defense rose to the challenge stopping the Lions short of a first down.

Thun was forced to punt after a three and out situation and Nick Rhyner hits a good one that dies at the Luzern 10 yard line..

Luzern gets their Double Wing offense rolling finishing their long drive with a 1 yard TD run on a Sweep play. The PAT is good, Lions lead 7-0.

Thun is driving as the First Quarter comes to a quick end with Luzern ahead 7-0.


The Tiger drive continues but once again Thun must punt.

Thun FS Mario Wyssen intercepts a Lion pass.

Thun turns the ball over on downs.

The Lions rip off a 60 yard run on their first play to set up another 1 yard TD Sweep play. The PAT is good again as Luzern extends their lead to 14-0.

After moving the ball successfully, the Tigers throw an interception.

The Lions use a couple of big Reverse plays to rip off large chunks of yardage to set up a First and Goal situation but the Thun defense holds. Luzern tries a Field Goal but a bad snap leads to the Lions turning the ball over on downs.

Thun is driving as the half comes to an end with Luzern still leading 14-0.


Thun gets a drive going and Dr. Christian Warzecha makes a key fourth down catch but it is wiped out by a holding call. The Tigers punt.

Luzern hits a 60 yard pass that sets up a 6 yard Sweep play for another Lions' TD. The PAT is good and Luzern now leads 21-0.

Thun gets another drive going and lose a TD catch by Dr. Warzecha on an offensive PI call. The Tigers turn the ball over on downs.

Luzern is driving as the Third Quarter comes to a close, Luzern leading 21-0.


Luzern drives ends when they turn the ball over on downs.

The Tigers lose the ball on a fumble.

Luzern uses an unbalanced line to roll to another TD on a Sweep again from 11 yards out. The PAT is good, Luzern is cruising 28-0.

The Tigers throw another interception.

The Lions score on a 14 yard Sweep play but the PAT is no good. Luzern is in total control 34-0.

The Tigers suffer their fourth turnover of the game with another interception.

The Lions take a knee to end the game with a very convincing Final Score of 34-0.

In the final analysis, the Lions were able to run their offense at will against us including several good reverses and play action passes. Their defense suffocated us for four full quarters.

Both Luzern (4-3) and Thun (2-4) will have BYES next week. 

I will post game pictures as soon as Tiger team photographer Thomas Vonlanthen uploads them to ourv team website. 

We have decided to hold no practices this coming week to allow our players a full week of both physical and mental healing.

As for me, I'm going to go to Barcelona for three days to re-group as well.

NLB Week #9 Results:
Luzern 34 - Thun 0
LUCAF 50 - Fribourg 0 (Forfeit)
BYES: Basel and Geneva

NLB Standings:
Basel Meanmachine 6-0
LUCAF Owls 5-0
Luzern Lions 4-3
Thun Tigers 2-4
Geneva Seahawks 1-5
Fribourg Cardinals 0-6

Week #10 Games
Sunday, May 27, 2012
Geneva (1-5) at LUCAF (5-0)
BYES: Basel (6-0), Fribourg(0-6), Geneva (1-5) and
Thun (2-4)

In good news from Sweden Saturday, the Hässleholm
Hurricanes (2-1) beat the Lugi Vikings (0-3) 68-0!

The news today from Rome was also good as the IFL
leading Catania Elephants (8-1) beat the Lazio
Marines (1-9) by a score of 57-42.


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