Friday, May 11, 2012

Basel Game #2 Pictures

A special thanks to Thun Tiger team photographer Thomas Vonlanthen who consistently takes great pictures at our games.

Despite our lopsided 35-0 loss, we had some good moments.

Basel QB Air Born 

The Meanmachine QB, CJ Hopson, is the dominant offensive player in our league.

Gang Tackle 

This is an extremely rare picture of the elusive Hopson in the clutches of several Tigers.

A QB sack early in the game 


Tuck that ball away Roland!

And carry it in your outside arm too.

DB Mario Wyssen, "Got You!" 

Basel defender flying to the ball 

#82 Mario Wyssen on the tackle 

#93 Daniel Binder applying the famous "Wengen Double Forearm Chop" to the head of the Meanmachine receiver.

Do not try this at home!!!

Good hustle to the ball

Great Effort by #33 Michael Brunner

34 Power, we have a chance here

Great blocking technique by our Center Stephan Pulver on the right side of this picture.

#88 QB Rolf Zybach

He had a good day running the ball contributing 36 yards on 5 carries.

I have got to do a sit-up this month

What if every Tiger had the courage and
mental/physical toughness of
#26 TB Roland Andrist?

#57 OT Mathias Krebs

One of the best linemen in all of Switzerland, we run a lot of plays to his side.

#15 Luke Brüllmann's face says it all

Time to regroup, we play at home this Sunday against the 1-4 Geneva Seahawks. The Seahawks' results to date are:

Geneva 20 - Fribourg 0
Basel 18 - Geneva 8
Luzern 10 - Geneva 6
Basel 27 - Geneva 0
LUCAF 27 - Geneva 0 

It should be a very competitive game on Sunday in Frutigen.

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