Sunday, May 6, 2012

Basel Meanmachine Game #2

The bus left Thun at 7:00 a.m. for the 90 minute drive north to Basel. We had a doubleheader scheduled against the Meanmachine with the U-19 team kicking it off at 11:00 a.m. followed by the Senior game at 2:00 p.m.

It was a big day for two of our young players who were playing in their first U-19 games.

OL Elia Corazza with
U-16 Coach Daniel Gygax 

Elia is an outright rookie player who started at right guard today in his first ever American football game at any level! He did very well indeed! 

#45 DE Sem Purtscheller 

Sem has played on the U-16 team (Fall season) but today was his first day on the U-19 squad. He recovered a fumble and played well also.

Elia's first day in the Purple 

U-19 Defense played great today 

White stripe rugby,
Red Stripe Jamaica, er, football 

Tiger Sweep for Six! 

The U-19 team won again easily 47-0 and are now 4-0.

Public Enemy #1
Basel QB C.J. Hopson

Easily the best offensive player in our league, this former Bucknell University Bison has been a one man wrecking crew both passing and rushing all season long.

Today would be no different.

Thun Tigers (1-2)
Basel Meanmachine (5-0)

We faced the best team in the league for the second time this season and they would prove to be worthy of their top billing.

Thun kicks off to start the game and good coverage forces the Meanmachine to start their drive at their 22 yard line. Two big runs lead a 3 yard TD scamper by the Basel QB. The PAT is no good, Basel leads 6-0.

Thun is forced to punt.

The Meanmachine offense is at it again, finishing their second drive with an 18 yard TD pass, the 2 point pass play is good. Basel is cruising early 14-0.

Roland Andrist returns the ensuing Basel kickoff to the 50 yard line as the first quarter comes to an end with Basel up 14-0.

Thun's drive continues but stalls on downs at the Basel 22 yard line.

Basel punts.

Thun is forced to punt but the punt hits a Meanmachine player downfield and Thun recovers to keep the drive alive. Three plays later the Tigers punt again.

Basel scores on the last play of the half on a 12 yard run by their QB. The PAT is good, Basel leads 21-0 at halftime.

Basel does an onside kick but the Tigers recover with great field position. Again the Tigers are turned back on downs, this time at the Basel 4 yard line.

Basel drives the length of the field scoring on a 3 yard swing pass, the PAT is good again. Basel is now ahead 28-0.

Thun punts.

Basel is driving as the Third Quarter ends.

Basel finishes their drive with a 10 yard TD pass, the PAT is good. Basel 35 - Thun 0

On a Fourth Down play the Tigers run for 20 yards and an apparent First Down but fumble the ball away.

Basel punts but Thun fumbles on the return.

Basel runs out the clock to end the game.

Basel (6-0) 35 - Thun (1-3) 0

Again, Basel QB C.J. Hopson does most of the damage with 3 TD passes and 2 TD runs, he is a difference maker.

Good Tiger Defense on this play!

We will be back at home next Sunday to take on the 1-4 Geneva Seahawks who lost to the 4-0 LUCAF Owls today by a score of 27-0.


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