Sunday, June 3, 2012

Early Morning Baseball and Interlaken

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get on the internet to watch the live video feed on Fox Sports West of the 2012 C.I.F. Division I baseball championship game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles' Chavez Ravine at 4:30 a.m. Saturday Thun time, 7:30 p.m. Friday night California time.

Meanwhile, Laurie continued to battle jet lag in bed. 

Why the interest in this Southern California high school baseball game you ask?


Our son Michael is an assistant baseball coach at Newbury Park High School (21-7) who was playing in the game against Corona High School (19-14).

N.P. has a dominating pitcher named Luke Eubank who on this night dominated! He had six perfect 1-2-3 innings out of the seven that high schools play as the Panthers rode his arm and a good offensive third inning to a 2-1 victory and . . .

Some nice hardware!!! 

Post-game VICTORY picture

That is Michael on the left with the beard.

The game ended at about 6:30 a.m. our time, so happy for Michael.

So proud as well.

For more on the game go to the Ventura County Star's article at:

Once Laurie was declared officially alive, we walked into town to check out the Saturday Farmer's Market.

I never noticed this before

A wife can open your eyes to new vistas I guess.

Big Band music in downtown Thun

They were good but we were on our way to Interlaken to pick up Laurie's belated birthday present. She had turned 32 again last month.

When her sister Gayle and Gayle's husband David were here last month, we saw a very nice red watch in Interlaken with serious Swiss highlights that we all thought that Laurie would really like. The problem was that the said watch came in two sizes and I wasn't sure which one she would like. Thus I opted to wait until today to let her make the decision.

While all of this was going down, I had finally narrowed down the choices for my new car to these two we have seen before in Interlaken.

This sporty model or . . .

This slightly more regal sedan

What do you think?

Laurie's Birthday Watch 

Forget the two red ones, she opted for this blue one instead.

You are in Interlaken and
itching to fly perhaps?

You've come to the right Swiss city 

Paragliders soaring

Paraglider's Landing Strip

Going to the Interlaken Casino
to blow the Social Security check 


Real live Edelweiss

Father/Son, Thun Tiger
Right Tackle/Right Guard duo
Mathias and Bruno Krebs'
Hotel in Interlaken

Not Real 


Not Real

I hope.

Interlaken's very grand Hotel Victoria 

Our view as we ate Fondue for lunch

After a great lunch, we got on the train again to return to Thun in time to do a little shopping.

The Majestic Thun Castle

We had planned to go to a concert here in the early evening but were just too tired from all of the events of the last three days. We opted to go home and get some much needed rest bacause we have a big game on Sunday against the 6-0 LUCAF Owls.


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