Saturday, June 2, 2012

Laurie Arrives in Thun

Friday's plan was threefold.

First up was to check out of our hotel early enough see more of Zürich in the morning.

Then we wanted to board the train to Thun to get Laurie safely esconced into Helvetica and give her a quick tour of the city.

Lastly, we had a 7:30 p.m. Senior football practice to conduct in final preparation for the tough game against the 6-0 LUCAF Owls on Sunday.

 Starting the day with a latte

That reminds me, Ian Murphy is off to
Boise, Idaho this weekend

My angel with the Zürich Bahnhof Angel 

An ode to my college days? 

The old streets of Zürich 

So it begins . . .

The flags were out today

Nice paint job

Glove Store

Hapsburg Empire's Double Eagle 

We need more flowers in Helvetica 

Mike Contreras Teacher/Coach? 

Zürich's Grossmünster in the background  

The colorful streets of the Aldstadt district 

After a good morning of sight seeing and a light lunch in Zürich, we got on the Inter-City train for the 90 minute ride to Thun.

Laurie with the Thun Castle

We got to Helvetica in time to unpack most of Laurie's bags and still were able to walk into town for some orienteering and shopping.

It was now time for practice and Laurie was armed with a camera.

Post Warm-up Huddle 

Kickoff Coverage

Of the three teams that I have coached in EuroBall, the Tigers spend by far the most time in practice on the Kicking Game. It has shown in all of our games to date as a team strong point.

A lot of credit here goes to Coach Martin Zurbrügg who has taken charge of this key phase of our team. 

Moon over the Tigers' practice 

Covering a Kickoff 

Bubble Screen 

 Rolf Zybach chucks it . . .

and Nicolas Küng grabbed it!!!

Now, if we could just do this on a Sunday . . .

TB Roland Andrist's new shoes


Talking to the Tigers after our
best practice in a LONG time 

2012 Thun Tiger Coaching Staff
L. to R., Martin Zurbügg, George Contreras, Ueli Sutter and Armin Haymoz

These are three really good coaches to work with, they are both knowledgeable and very patient.

Another GREAT Simon Andrist Game Poster

This Sunday the 2-4 Thun Tigers have a re-match at home with the 6-0 LUCAF Owls. The Owls are currently tied for first place with the also 6-0 Basel Meanmachine.

In our first game in Lausanne on April 29th, the Owls pretty much dominated us on the way to their 23-7 victory. We know that we will have to play a great game if we hope to stay with the high flying Owls whose defense has only allowed only seven points in their six games.

The LUCAF Owls' results to date and their remaining schedule:

LUCAF 13 - Fribourg (0-6) 0
LUCAF 50 - Luzern (4-3) 0
LUCAF 23 - Thun (2-4) 7
LUCAF 27 - Geneva (1-6) 0
LUCAF 50 - Fribourg (0-6) 0 Forfeit
LUCAF 23 - Geneva (1-6) 0
June 3 at Thun (2-4)
June 10 at Luzern (4-3)
June 17 vs. Basel (6-0)
June 23 at Basel (6-0)

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