Monday, June 18, 2012

Relaxing Football Monday


The four cardinal rules of eating fondue are:

1. Your fork should never touch your tongue, teeth or lips as you eat, purely because it has to go back into the pot every time.

2. Don't drink anything fizzy as you eat, otherwise what is a fairly indigestible meal to begin with will turn to lead.

3. Once all the fondue is gone, the bottom of the pot is encrusted with a layer of cheese hardened to a crisp by being closer to the heat. Never leave it uneaten but don't take it all for yourself either. For most Swiss it's the best part of the meal and is there to be shared.

4. The Swiss don't eat fondue in the Summer.

We spent the day at Helvetica as I was busy breaking down the video of yesterday's game against Fribourg who we play again next Sunday.

Our U-16 team practiced tonight but our playoff bound U-19 squad opted to move their practice to Wednesday night due to the injuries and bruises that they suffered in their Fribourg game yesterday.

Good move.

A few photos from tonight's good U-16 practice are in order. 

 QB Angelo Valentino
unleashing a bomb

Mini-Trench Warfare 

Max is 12 and still needs a lot
of work on his stance

The Jack Tatum of Swiss
U-16 football

Shadow of the Stockhorn
in the sky?

How about Zermatt and the Matterhorn on Travel Tuesday?


David said...

So no fondue in summer? Based on your experience, that still leaves 10 months.

George said...