Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Photos from the LUCAF and Geneva Games

Former Tiger standout Thomas Vonlanthen has been doing a fantastic job all season in his new capacity as the Thun Tigers Official Photographer.

We were a bit slow uploading his pictures from the LUCF game two weeks ago but here are his best shots from the last two Tiger games.

LUCAF 23 - Thun 13

 Albin Rösti and Killian Brunner
tackling the Owls STUD running back

Running to the Ball 

Rudy Bohren High Stepping It

Roland Andrist is loose again

Play Action Pass equals . . .

. . . a Sadique Khan TD

Broken Up Pass by Mario Wyssen

Rudy Power!!! 

QB Rolf Zybach diving for an extra yard

Goal Line Pick by Luke Brüllmann 

Thun 26 - Geneva 8

Nicolas Küng's flying tackle attempt 

Tom Sager blocking the
Evil Giant Seahawk on a PAT 

Mathias Krebs blocking for Dominik Müller

Rudy Bohren attacking the LOS

Markus Moser and Michael Brunner
combining for the tackle

Power Running by Roland Andrist

Goal Line QB Sneak, Wedge Blocking 
#88 Rolf Zybach scored!

Help is on the way

Rudy blocking for Roland on
our first Kickoff Return

I'm guessing this block may earn another "Dying Cockroach" helmet decal for Rudy.

I am blessed to be working with three great coaches on the Thun Tigers Senior team . . .

Martin Zurbrügg
coaches our WRs, DBs, and Special Teams

Armin Haymoz
 coaches our LBs and calls the Defenses

Ueli Sutter
coaches our Offensive and
Defensive Linemen

Normally very calm, Ueli does gets excited when we win.

I hope that you enjoyed these photos, thanks again to Thomas Vanlanthen for his artistic efforts!!!

No word from the 0-8 Fribourg Cardinals yet as to whether or not they will play us at home this Sunday. If you recall, they have forfeited two of their last three games due to a lack of players.

We are keeping our collective fingers crossed as we are scheduled to play Fribourg home and away the last two games of the campaign on June 17th and 24th.

Games not Forfeits.

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