Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peaceful Friday


Names, like everything else in Switzerland, are taken seriously. When you decide on your child's name, it has to be approved by the civil registrar. If it is deemed to harm the child's well-being or be offensive to a third party, you can't have it. There are few set rules but shocking, insulting or laughable names are forbidden.

Richard Head . . . NO!

Mary Chritmas . . . NO!

Give a boy a girls name and vice versa . . . NO!

Surnames as first names . . . NO!

How about Biblical bad boys Cain and Judas . . . NO!

Place names like Brooklyn or Paris . . . NO!

Brand names like Pepsi or Armani . . . NO!

So much for my all time favorite student name at Washington H.S. in Los Angeles from the Spring Semester of 1970, Pearl Harbor. 

Meanwhile, back in Thun . . .

Always time for a Limone gelato

The usual stay at home duties on this good weather Friday, clean the house and do some laundry. While doing these chores, there was still plenty to do with planning our last Senior practice before playing the 0-8 Fribourg Cardinals on Sunday at home.

Our Senior practice Friday night was enthusiastic as always as we again stressed all phases of our pass offense and pass defense.

It appears that we will have our usual patchwork roster on Sunday as injuries and work commitments continue to force us to shuffle our player deck. Thank goodness for a bunch of Tigers who love football and are willing to play anywhere they are needed to help the team. Attitude is indeed a choice!

Our opponents for our last two games of the season are the Fribourg Cardinals as stated earlier. I have a soft spot for any team whose nickname is based on a local brewery, in this case Fribourg is the home of the Swiss Cardinal Beer Company.

But not that soft.

Here is a look at the Cardinal season results and remaing schedule:

0 LUCAF (7-1) - 13
0 Geneva (2-7) - 20
14 Luzern (5-4) - 39
19 Basel (8-0) - 40
3 Luzern (5-4) - 27
0 LUCAF (7-1) - 50 Forfeit due to lack of players
6 Geneva (2-7) - 8
0 Basel (8-0) - 50 Forfeit due to scheduling issue
Sunday, June 17 at Thun (3-5)
Sunday, June 24 Thun (3-5)

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