Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day at the Lake Shore

We woke up to one of those wonderful days that make you wonder why you would ever want to leave Switzerland!

Our choices were many but we opted for the simple, a day at the Thun lake shore to enjoy the Sun and the lake.

Of course, on the way to the lake we walked through town to buy a few supplies for the outing.

La Familia Thun 


The water was so inviting,
even on the Aare River

Dianetics Thun


Downtown Roof Tops 

That reminds me, I heard from
Leon Andrade this week on Facebook 

The Diablo of Love

No training wheels,
just scooting through life

Lots of windows 

Now what, Renato?

Warm Temperatures 

Date: 16 June
Luft/Air: 23ºC = 73ºF
Becken/Pool: 23ºC = 73ºF
See/Lake: 16ºC = 61ºF

It got a lot warmer.

The Thun Lake Front Complex

Only 6 Swiss Francs apiece as an entry fee to this great facility.

Grass all the way to the lake 

The views were nice too.

Soon after this picture was taken,
he disappeared mysteriously

After about 45 minutes in the Sunshine, we moved to . . . 

The shade of this tree

 The Strandbad was
filling up quickly

Kids were at play 

Cool water and
oh so refreshing 

The Strandbad pool

The high dive was a big hit with the kids.

After about four hours of lounging about, we decided to head back to Helvetica but we would run into a few side trips.

Many rode their bikes
to the shore today. 

We heard a P.A. announcer at the nearby stadium so decided to see what was going on at the old home of the FC Thun fussball team.

Shot Put 

It was a youth track meet featuring high school aged athletes.

Start of the Boys 100 Meters

Start of the Girls 100 Meters

They served a mean bratwurst.

Onward to Helvetica!

Peaceful day for boating

The open air William Tell Opera

Before going to the lake shore, we bought our tickets to this great event in Interlaken for next Saturday's opening night.

Beautiful Home on the walk
to the Bahnhof 

What a day!!! 

Laurie surveying her domain


Lavander near Schloss Schandau 

To top off a great day once we got back to Helvetica, Ueli and Cindy invited us downstairs for some wine, snacks and enjoyable visiting.


Reading is FUNdamental!!!

I tried to prepare for my stay in Switzerland by reading as much as I could about the Swiss culture and traditions before I left Los Angeles. I thought that I was prepared.

Then, I found this book at the Kiosk in the Thun Bahnhof the other day written by a Brit living in Bern. It is the best book that I have read to aid one in understanding what goes on in this wonderful country.

A good read to say the least.

Sunday is

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