Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trip Planning and Our Last Senior Practice


Helvetica has a cable connection that allows us access to several TV channels, nothing quite like the UEFA Euro2012 soccer tournament in French, but only one in English, CNN. This all news station is amazingly repetitive if it is all that you have to listen to as background noise while doing other tasks.

Also they are in the midst of an admirable crusade to help the people on the African continent lead healthier, more prosperous lives. After five months of this droning, I know more about Africa than I really deserve.

CNN has several ads running that are paid for by various tourism boards, who wouldn't want to relocate in super expensive Zürich for example.

Still my favorite tourism ad is for . . .

The Republic of Georgia

Georgia is a former USSR republic

What I love best about their ad is the final line, the one that should seal the deal to make you jump on the internet and get your airline and hotel reservations NOW!

What is their ad's final line you ask?

"Georgia, one of the least corrupt countries in the world!"

Speaking of travel, we spent most of Friday making our own travel arrangements for the week before we come home to Camarillo on July 19th.

No, we are not going to Georgia although it was very tempting indeed!

Our travels will take us first to Zürich for a night so that we can board a plane the next morning to sunny Spain. Our itinerary calls for stops in Madrid, Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba before returning to Madrid for our flight home. Our knowledge of Spain has been primarily confined to Madrid, Pamplona, Barcelona and the northern province of Asturias in past journeys. Of course, I took that short walk across northern Spain two years ago as well.

Thanks to the internet we were able to purchase all of our train tickets and reserve hotels all over the south of Spain easily and, most of all, cheaply. Due to Spain's depressed economy, Spain this summer is a great travel bargain of which we happily took advantage!

I'm not sure where Spain sits on the "Least Corrupt Countries in the World" list but, based on our past experiences, we should be quite safe. 

The corner in front of Helvetica 

We can walk to the Bahnhof in much less than 15 minutes if you ask me.

The Aare River is still flowing . . .

So these two brave souls
decided to go in

Judging from their reaction,


They went downstream rather quickly. I hope they were OK.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted today 

Smart Car Station Wagon 

Friday night was our final Senior practice of the season and was great fun as always. Our last game of the Senior season will be contested this Sunday in Fribourg against the 0-9 Cardinals who we edged 29-0 last Sunday at home to make our record 4-5.

Considering that the Tigers were 1-9 last season, I think that we have made great strides this campaign in the areas of the mental aspects of the game and physical toughness.

Wild Boar Burgers

You can only find these at fine dining restaurants like the Thun Tigers snack bar. One of these babies with the incredibly good home made salsa that an unknown Tiger provided last Sunday are reason alone to come to Switzerland.

I'm going to miss these.

Still, we have one more game to play and I say . . .


"Can't touch this . . . "

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