Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Rainy Friday

Friday was a good day for the peasants to storm the castle.

The Schloss Thun that is. The weather was again overcast and it was raining off and on all day.

Laurie on the road up Castle Hill

It stopped raining just long enough for us to take the ten minute walk from Helvetica to the Schloss without getting wet. We opted to stop at the old church half way up the hill before going into the castle.

View of Thun from the Old Church

Cool Doorway 

The Old Church

Murals in the Old Church entryway

Love Heraldry, even in death

And I love sun dials too

Nice little home next to the Old Church

The Aare River flowing as always 

The Swiss Route of the Camino de Santiago

As it turns out, the Swiss Route of the Camino de Santiago runs right through Thun and you can stamp your Camino passport right here.

As we got to the Schloss,
the heavens opened . . . BIG TIME!

Helvetica in the distance

You see the big yellow hotel, the Gasthof zur Lauenen, in the middle of the picture? That is Helvetica, the white house, to the left of the hotel partially hidden by the tree.

The Old Church

Concerts in the Schloss

During the month of June, the Schloss Thun hosts a series of concerts in their Annual Musikfestival.

On Saturday, these two ladies will be the featured performers. Ana Chumachenco is on the violin while Brigette Meyer is the pianist. They were practicing while we were touring the Schloss . . . wonderful music!!!

We are planning to go to this coming Thursday's concert which features a full string section only orchestra. It should make for a fun evening in a great setting.

Heraldic Crests of Thun's earliest nobility

Love that lion

Laurie and a lion sled

The Schloss Thun

Maid Laurie

Bollywood Festival coming to Thun!!!

A peaceful sunset from our
apartment window

As the sun was setting, the Tigers were practicing. As always, we had a spirited workout as we put the final touches on our Geneva Seahawks game plan for Sunday.

The U-19 team continues to puzzle me. The team is in first place at 6-1 in the eight team NLB. They practice only two nights a week but on Monday only five Juniors showed up ready to practice, last night only seven.

Puzzling, indeed.

Finally, after watching all 23 episodes of the second season of "The Big Bang Theory" thanks to Stephan Pulver and the Thun library, I have come to believe, after a week with Laurie in Helvetica, in the need for a Roommates Agreement.

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