Friday, June 8, 2012

A Walk in the Woods and a BBQ

After the routine morning of shopping in Thun, we boarded the #55 bus for the 14:32 run to the suburb of Reutigen.

Our purpose, on what would rbe a turbulent weather day, was to visit the Baumann family, Martina, Philipp, Lena and Aaron.

First up upon our arrival, a hike

The Baumanns live about an easy five minute walk from a forested river full of trout. With Philipp and little Lena leading the way we were off on what turn out to be a delightful walk in the woods.

In a move that surprised both Philipp and myself, Martina and Laurie were gabbing away.

Just a wonderful setting

Aaron, Martina and Laurie
bringing up the rear

The river was running strong
with the Alpine runoff

The only thing missing on this lush and easy hike was "Dexter the Wonder Dog" from Hässleholm, Sweden.

Up hill


Time to head back to Schloss Baumann so that Philipp could show off his considerable BBQ grilling skills.

Horse meat done perfectly! Philipp knew about my weakness for this cut that is unusual/illegal in the USA.

The view from Schloss Baumann's patio

Same view as a tropical rain storm
blew in in the evening

What a great afternoon! We enjoyed sharing the Baumann's home and family immensely!

The storm lasted all night as heavy rains fell in Thun until dawn.

We all survived.


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