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Fribourg Cardinals at Thun Tigers Game

Sunday was another beautiful day to be playing American football, so we did.

It was our last home game of the season and the Frutighus Sportplatz in Frutigen was more than ready to host the contest between the 0-8 Fribourg Cardinals and your 3-5 Thun Tigers.

Tom Vanlanthen 

Tom is a former Tiger who is now our official Thun Tiger Team Photographer. He has done a remarkable job all season and has brightened up all of our player's football playing experiences with his great photos.

Thanks Tom!!!

Good Refs

The white hat was a bit late but we had him before, he's a good guy and we cut him some slack. He's a good referee too.

Our U-19 game was a critical one for both teams. The young Tigers were 6-1 entering the game and in first place in the NLB. The Cardinals were in second place at 5-2 and were on a five game winning streak.

A Tiger win would put our cubs into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. It would also knock Fribourg out of playoff contention.

Let the game begin! 

Lots of rock 'em, sock 'em action
in this one 

Two Tiger Legends 

On the left is Daniel Frey who is the founding father of the Tigers I am told.

On the right is former player, former coach and current Public Address announcer Martin Schweizer.

U-19 Defensive pursuit 

The game was as hard hitting as I expected it to be between these two clubs. It was 0-0 after one period.

The vaunted Tiger passing attack

Nice catch

At the half, the Tigers were clinging to a 7-6 lead thanks to a one yard TD pass.

This game was fought in the trenches

Making things more difficult for the Tiger cubs, three of our key players were knocked out of the game by the Fribourg eleven.

Another Tiger was ejected after his second personal foul. That also means no game for him next week.

After three periods, the Tigers led 15-6 after a 45 yard interception return for six and a successful fire pass on the PAT after a bad snap.

Then it got interesting

The Cardinals put together a last minute drive featuring several QB scrambles. Their QB finally scored on a 12 yard run. They went for two and made it to cut the Tigers' lead to a razor thin 15-14.

The Tigers recovered the onside kick and were able to take a knee to end the game with both a victory and a playoff berth.


These two squads meet again next Sunday in Fribourg. A Tiger win would give us the #1 seed out of the NLB and also a semi-final home playoff game in two weeks against the #2 team from the NLA.

It was time for the short break before our Senior game, so Laurie got busy taking pictures of the stadium's surroundings.

Can you spot all nine paragliders?

A Beautiful Hawk 

The Traditional Tiger
Goal Post Pads 

U-19 Victory Cake 

"It's time for Tiger football!!!" 

One of our big concerns coming into today was would the Cardinals have enough players, the minimum being 18 suited at kickoff time, to not have to forfeit.

They did.

If they dipped below 15 during the game due to injuries, then they would have to forfeit as well.

The didn't.

DT Reto Gerber enjoying
one last pre-game smoke

Fired Up!!!

DT Reto Gerber pressuring
the Cardinal QB

I guess that smoke helped.

Jet Sweep Coming

#19 Roman Aebi

Normally our #1 cover cornerback, today because of injuries he was asked to play . . .

Defensive End???

As I have stated before, the 28 Tigers that suited up today just love to play the game regardless of the position and are a joy to coach.

Roman played very well.

A Fribourg pass too far

I really grew to respect the Cardinals as the game went along. They played with great spirit, heart and determination all game long. Though somewhat limited offensively, their defense made us earn every hard fought yard of turf.

It was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter, but Thun was driving.

Nicolas Küng Punt Return 

Great Fourth Down stop
by the Tiger defense

In a near perfect defensive effort by the Tigers and due to some great calls by coach Armin Haymoz, the Tigers did something that I do not ever recall seeing.

Fribourg had 12 offensive possessions during the game. They failed to make any first downs today.

Good defense.

Roland Andrist
Human Cannonball

Here comes Roland again

QB Wedge for a first down 

QB Wedge for a Touchdown! 

The Niklaus Rhyner PAT was good after this Rolf Zybach TD. 

Thun took the lead, 7-0, early in the second quarter.

Roland Andrist
Punt Returner 

Roland for SIX!!! 

This 29 yard TD run gave Thun a 14-0 lead at the half.

Old School Train driving by
during the intermission 

Pressuring the Punt 

QB Rolf Zybach launches one 

OLB Johannes Brunner
presurring the Cardinals QB

Johannes earned the coveted Hammer-of-the-Game award for his passionate play that included a rarity this season for the Tigers, a QB sack!

Not Roland again . . .

Why not, he's in good shape and the ball is not that heavy.

Niklaus Rhyner punting 

Niklaus was booming both his punts and kickoffs today.

This punt was downed at the one yard line by WR Rolf Kehrli.

It was a Big Play as on the next snap . . . 

Johannes Brunner tackled
the Cardinals ball carrier for . . . 

 A Safety!!!

The two points now made the score 16-0 in favor of the Tigers.

Still, the Fribourg defense
played tough football . . . 

Really tough football 

By the way, if you are ever in Fribourg and are in need of a taxi, just call 026-424-2424.


This is our team mantra.

Roland Andrist is striking a pose after his second TD of the game, this one was a 12 yard scamper. Rhyner's PAT was true again as Thun extended their lead to 23-0.

Nicolas Küng in the open field

Our team physician, #16 Dr. Christian Warzecha, is hustling to get a block.

The stands were packed!

TB Emanuel Hunziker ran well

I wanted him to score as he had worked the ball down to the two yard line and called his number again. Unfortunately, he proceeded to come out of the game as the play went in due to a helmet in the back knocking some of the wind out of him.

Maybe he should have had a pre-game smoke with Reto.

MATHIAS, NO!!!!!! 

We all know of Mathias' legendary appetite for "Cockroach Block" helmet decals but flat-backing a referee DOES NOT COUNT!!!

He didn't hit him.

The referee had a good swim move.

Roland Andrist striking another
TD pose after his third TD today 

We missed this PAT but still led comfortably early in the fourth quarter 29-0.

The neighboring farmer was still cutting
hay despite our action packed game 


I'm so proud of all of the Tigers today, both the U-19s and the Seniors.

The Final Score was Thun 29 - Fribourg 0.

I LOVE the traditional Swiss
post-game Rivella Shower 

Very, very cold but I say we do it again sometime soon!

Johannes Brunner receiving his
Hammer-of-the-Game award


"Come and get your
Tiger Victory Decals"

With the win we are now 4-5 on the season while the courageous Cardinals are 0-9.

We will play our last game of the 2012 season against these same Cardinals in Fribourg next Sunday, June 24 at 2:00 p.m.

I repeat . . .


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