Monday, June 11, 2012

Basel vs. Fribourg Scouting Trip

The skies were still overcast but we had work to do on Saturday.

At 6:00 p.m., in Basel, the 7-0 Meanmachine were hosting the 0-7 Fribourg Cardinals. We are scheduled to play Fribourg in our final two games of the campaign the next two weekends.

We decided to leave by train early enough to tour the delightful old town section known as the Alstadt before getting to the stadium to film the game.

But first . . .

"And so good for you too!"

The way to the Thun Bahnhof was somewhat blocked by the usual Saturday street market. We were forced to partake of some of the local goods as a gesture of good faith in support of the Swiss economy.

Here, Laurie is supporting the food service industry with a cinnamon waffle.

I had one too.

It was
"International Knit in Public Day"

No, it really was, true story.

Lots of shoppers out in Thun

Colorful Wind Related Ornaments

Old School Merry-Go-Round

Notice that the man in the middle is using a hand crank to make the entire ride spin.

Talk about Green!

Armed with books to read, we smoothly boarded the Inter-City Express for the 90 minute train ride to Basel which is located on the Swiss-French-German borders.

Our first stop in the Alstadt was a church . . .

The Elisabethenanlage


This church is equal parts ancient house of worship, art gallery and café.

Laurie lighting a candle

We moved on further into the Alstadt.

The unique Jean Tinguely Fountain

Hanging out on a lazy Saturday in Basel

Memories of my college days?

No, this square and street are named after bare footed Franciscan monks who used to inhabit this area.

What well dressed men in Basel
are wearing this Summer

Fountain Flowers

The Clock Tower of the Basel Münster

The Münster is Basel's 650 year old cathedral that houses the remains of several of Basel's leading characters, many pre-dating the Münster itself.

A Knight in repose

A Tribute to Martyrs

Great ceilings in the Münster

Good old Bishop Adalbero II

Mural in the Münster Crypt

The Münster's large Baptismal Fount

The sarcophagus of Queen Anna of
Habsburg and her infant son, Karl

The Queen died in 1281.

Handsome guy

Skull likeness of Napoleon?

Protecting the Münster from evil forces

Münster creature

Very ornate window screens in the Alstadt

The Basel Rathaus

Voted by the people's poll as the #1 Most Beautiful Rathaus (City Hall) in all of Europe.

I had the only vote in this poll.

I love the Rathaus red

And the Rathaus murals

All of the murals

The Tribune's door was interesting

Cool Rathaus art

This Rathaus fountain was refreshing

The Rathaus' Inner Courtyard

Nice statue

This man was an accordian maestro

No, really. He was so good that I even threw two Swiss Francs into his tip box!

Crossing the Rhein River into Kleinbasel

Love on the Rhein

Basel across the Rhein

Weathered steps at the
Restaurant Rhywyera

We had a nice mid-afternoon coffee and a glass of wine here. I will let you guess which of us drank the coffee and which the wine.

Wine Spritz enjoyed by
the man at the next table

What is she thinking?

Keep a civil tongue in your head!

Atop the best hotel in Basel

More fountain art

Strawberry headed gnomes

Out of nowhere!!!

We heard a racket up the pedestrian only street. It was a parade in full swing coming at us led by four young men . . .


They were followed by . . .

An orchestra of men carrying huge cow bells and playing a rhythmic dirge all the way down the street.

Basel has interesting customs.

Spanish Wines

Filling up at one of
Basel's many fountains

I like fancy Swiss business signs

Nice business front

We have not seen much of the
Sun in the last few days

Finally, it was time to head to the field for the Swiss American Football League, NLB Division game between Basel and Fribourg. The game was slated to start at 6:00 p.m.

We arrived at about 5:40 p.m. only to find . . .

An empty stadium

Apparently, sometime between our leaving Helvetica this morning and now, the Fribourg team had called Basel to tell them that they were not coming to the game. Thus, Basel gets a forfeit win with an official score of 50-0.

This is very worrisome to the Thun Tigers as we are scheduled to play Fribourg the next two weekends in the last two games of our 2012 campaign. Fribourg has now forfeited two of their last three games against, first LUCAF, and now Basel. These are the two best teams in our league this season.

The Tigers want to play these last two games.

Game Day on Sunday,

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