Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laurie in Luzern

On this "Travel Tuesday," we boarded the train for a 90 minute ride to the very pleasant city of Luzern which I had visited back in February.

Once there, we started our visit with a stroll on the Reuss River that flows out of Lake Luzern.

Our first stop was the covered, wooden Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge that spans the Reuss River. The archways along the bridge are all decorated with paintings denoting key events in Luzern's long, long history.

 Laurie on the Kappelbrücke

The Kappelbrücke all spruced up 

Swiss Army scene on a Kappelbrücke archway

The Luzern Rathaus Clock Tower 

And the rain just keeps on coming

We continue to get rain all over Switzerland day after day after day. I am told that during this same period last year that it did not rain at all.


Once off of the bridge, we entered the Jesuitenkirche or Jesuit Church which is dedicated to the great missionary St. Francis Xavier who co-founded the Jesuits with St. Ignatius of Loyola I believe.

Nice church candle holder

Cherub Face

The All Seeing Eye

Laurie likes to light candles

The walking stick of Brother Klaus

He was a 15th century hermit monk who lived in the nearby mountains and strongly believed in Swiss isolationism. He is the only Swiss saint.

St. Francis Xavier entering Heaven 

His chariot is being pulled by an elephant, a leopard and a camel symbolizing his missionary efforts in the Far East.

Golden Angels are always good 

As are glass cases 

Each of these symbolizes a healing miracle
that was aided by a saint

Kind of like the Thun Tiger helmet decals if you ask me.

Laurie with swans by the Reuss River 

Hot Blooded Red Head 

We have GOT to do this to our house

Interesting . . . 


About to re-cross the Reuss River,
this time on the Spreuerbrücke
or Mill Bridge

Note the high water level

The water was raging through here 

We are now into Summer and the temperatures have certainly been high enough to melt most of the snow off of much of the Alps. The concern is that these unusual rains are really adding to the water levels.

Near this bridge last February I observed a very unique extendable dam system called the Nadelwehr or spiked weir. Simply, the dam is a system of slats that are added or subtracted as needed to regulate the water flow. I thought that Laurie would enjoy taking a look at Nadelwehr because of her background having worked in her father's hardware store.

One problem, all of the slats were piled up high on the river bank. The flood gates were wide open.

The two sets of more normal water regulating fllod gates on the Aare River in Thun have also been wide open for several days now. The Aare River is still as high as I've seen it and flowing mightily.

All of Switzerland needs a break from the rain now.

The Reuss River Waterfront

That is the Jesuitenkirche on the left.

Two hairy guys hanging out

Why are Ian Murphy's people on
a Spreuerbrücke archway?

Two fisted drinking fountain

Artsy Shutter Latch

Lion Door Handle

Laurie by a BIG clock
in the old City Wall

Laurie roaming the old
City Wall's Tower 

Graffiti as Art

Luzern is a pleasant place to walk 

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!

Stephan has his own tower?

Random Mural, Random Church

Again, we have got to really
sit down and design a new
paint scheme for our home
in Camarillo

Or perhaps go with a family crest 

Our several crests perhaps 

Laurie and the famous Löwendenkmal

This lion commemorates the death of several Swiss mercenaries who were killed or executed defending the French king in the French Revolution. 

Laurie entering St. Leodegar
Catholic Church

Altar Art

Ornate altars were everywhere

Here she goes again!

An ornate church door

We had a good day off/Travel Tuesday in rainy Luzern, now it is time to get back to work and start breaking down both our Geneva game last Sunday and the two Fribourg games that we scouted earlier this season.

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