Thursday, June 14, 2012

Football Wednesday


Switzerland has over 5,000 kilometers of railway lines nationally.

Thank goodness!!!

Wednesday was a quiet day in Helvetica used to work on breaking down last Sunday's Geneva game film, totaling up new Tiger game and season statistics, adding a few new wrinkles to our game plan and looking at videos of our upcoming opponent for our final two games, the Fribourg Cardinals.

Also, it was raining again.

The U-16 practice was fun as always. The following Senior practice was spirited as always although we only had one offensive lineman and one defensive lineman in attendance.

We adapted the practice plan into a long 7-on-7 period to continue to improve in the passing game on both sides of the ball.

Thursday looks like a big day for us as the Sun is supposed to be shining all day. We are doing a day trip to Fribourg and then we have an evening string orchestra concert in Schloss Thun on our busy agenda.

Only possible due to the aforementioned, awesome Swiss railway system.


David said...

I know this not a matter of universal interest, but I wouldn't mind seeing what some of these fabulous Swiss trains look like.

George said...

I'm on it like Spain on Ireland last night although they are nothing special to look at just clean, efficient and ON TIME!