Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Good Junior Practices


There are few full-time politicians in Switzerland. Most members of the two-house Swiss Federal Assembly, which only meets for 12 weeks a year in four three-week sessions, have day jobs as lawyers, teachers, police officers and doctors.

Members of the Swiss Fedreal Assembly do not receive a salary but do receive a daily allowance for days spent on parliamentary duties. There is no money for secretaries, assistants or second homes.

The Swiss Federal government is both low key and low cost.

Interesting . . .

We spent a quiet Monday in Thun on yet another overcast, drizzly day with nothing major to report as we were still basking in the glow of Sunday's victory over Geneva.

The big, front page controversy in Monday's Blick am Abend newspaper was which hairstyle people liked best on Portuguese/Real Madrid star soccer player Ronaldo, his new swept back look or his usual ruffled rooster look.

I always go with tradition, especially on an incredibly slow news day.

Monday night's two Junior practices went well.

The U-16 coaches welcomed 19 players at 6:00 p.m., the biggest turnout to date for a team that does not start playing games until September. Given that these Tiger cubs will play the nine man version of American football, this level of attendance at this time in June was an awesome development!

Apparently, after the poor U-19 squad turnouts at last week's two BYE week practices, one of the team leaders sent an impassioned e-mail out to his fellow players imploring them to attend both practices this week in preparation for what should be a very tough game on Sunday against Fribourg. 

The Cardinals are on a five game winning streak with a record of 5-2 on the season while the Tigers are in first place in the NLB U-19 standings with their 6-1 record.

Although I never saw a copy of the player's e-mail, it had the desired effect as we had a solid turnout and were able to spend a lot of time working on reading coverages by both the QB and receivers in a very long 7-on-7 period after a good individual technique period.

The player who wrote the e-mail did not come to practice Monday night.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings on winning their first ever Stanley Cup last night with a 6-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils.


David said...


By the way, my friend Keith Birmingham of the L.A. News Group took that memorable photo.

George said...

It is a GREAT photo indeed!!!