Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Rainy Wednesday for Studying Film

Wednesday was another overcast, rainy day in Thun so we stayed in Helvetica as I used the day to break down last Sunday's LUCAF game and start game planning for this weekend's game in Geneva against the Seahawks.

I found an article on our Godson, Scott Fujita, who plays OLB for the Cleveland Browns.

Scott is a ten year NFL veteran with previous stops playing for the Chiefs, Cowboys and Saints. He is a very good  guy who has been caught up in the Saints bounty scandal. Guilt by association if you ask me.

Scott, #99, at a recent Browns mini-camp

He is a handsome guy as well

Here is the link to the article about Scott:

DNA evidence for Interpol

For four seasons of coaching in EuroBall, one constant has hounded me everywhere.

So many buildings are well over 100 years old on the Continent. People back then were quite a bit smaller, thus doorways were also much shorter.

The net effect is that I have banged my head many, many times over the four seasons in Sicily, Sweden and now Switzerland.

My worst hit occured in Sweden in 2010 at a cultural heritage sight near Frank Hilgers' home. Lots of blood that day!

On the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I must have averaged a minimum of two minor hits per day. Spaniards tend to be short other than Pao Gasol.

After several hits in the bedroom doorway in Helvetica, on Wednesday a major bloody hit took place. In the picture above you can see part of my scalp still dangling from said low doorway.

I was tough and did not cry nor miss practice!!!

Speaking of practice, our U-16s were spirited as usual and I am proud to report that I am seeing some very real improvement in our line blocking techniques. I believe in just a few good, basic fundamental drills done over and over and over until we master the techniques.

It seems to be working.

The Senior practice was a delight, the Tigers' attitudes were great! We worked hard and the players are still having fun playing the sport they love. What more could I ask for?

We have one more practice on Friday before we play the 2-6 Geneva Seahawks in their nest on Sunday. We won the first Geneva game at home 20-6 on May 13th. It was closer than the score indicates as the Seahawks are very strong on defense.


David said...

Someone else is going to have to make the joke about how you can't do much damage by hitting your head. I'm not going to do it.

George said...

No brain, no pain!