Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Last BIG GAME Practice and Music Trivia Night

Wednesday, 1 June, 2016:

I'll be home with Laurie and our family one month from today.

I used the morning to do a large batch of laundry before heading out for a 6.43 mile, 14,900 step stroll.

Animals stay behind the fence,
Humans come on in

But why?

So that the humans can get
a better look at this rune stone

The accompanying sign pegs this stone carving at being about 1,000 years old.


 At 3:00 p.m., a light workout
for the Runby Skola team

Tomorrow, on this very field, Runby Skola will host the BIG GAME against Södervikskolan at 3:00 p.m.

It will be a game using our U11, seven man/woman American football rules.

It should be interesting . . .

 Historic Site

No, there is no historic rune stone to be seen but this small park near Icelandia II was the site of the first ever Wäsby Warriors practice about five years ago.

As a sign of the team's growth, last night at a meeting involving some of the team's Board of Directors and Upplands Väsby city officials, an agreement was struck to allow allow the Warriors to play our home games at the Vilundaparken Sports Complex in the center of town.

The Vilundaparken Sports Complex includes a pristine natural grass surface, covered stands, a snack bar and convenient restrooms.


This was a significant pact, we're moving on up!

While I was being wined and dined at my temporary home by Janne, Aiki was at the historic meeting.

People often ask me what I like best about this interesting retirement that I have had the chance to live. Is it a particular city like Rome, Prague, Paris, London or Barcelona?


Is it a particular site like the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Venice Canals, Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Tower of London or Drottningholm Palace perhaps?


What I have come to like the most is when one of those unplanned, magical moments occurs with other people that become memorable as they cross cultural lines.

Tonight was one of those nights starting with about two hours of music trivia with Janne and his extensive playlist playing on his first rate sound system. The fun continued when Aiki arrived home and announced the Vilundsparken decision.

Aiki and Janne

Talk about a FUN couple!

Aiki had one more surprise for me as she presented me with my official Wäsby Warriors hoodie!


What a GREAT day!

EuroBall Game Day Posters

I have always enjoyed the often ornate Game Day posters that the clubs that I have coached produce for the internet.

Here are some examples from my former clubs.

From Italy,
Last weekend's Catania game was
 a 42-22 playoff propelling victory

Go Elephants GO!

From Switzerland,
The Tigers next game on June 12

Go Tigers GO!

From France,
The Falcons National DII semi-final
playoff game is this Saturday

The Falcons are at home and are the only undefeated team in DII. They face a tough opponent in the Nîmes Centurions who they conquered 31-28 during regular season play.

Go Falcons GO!

 From Spain,
The Cobras are playing for the
Serie B National Championship
on Saturday at home

The Cobras are also the only undated club in Spain's Serie B (DII). I would love to be there to support them but financially it was out of the question.

A win would automatically move the Cobras into Serie A, Spain's top American football league, next season.

Go Cobras GO!

From Sweden,
A regular season home game
for the Hurricanes this Saturday

Combine a duty free Warriors weekend with an inexpensive train ticket to the Skåne region in Southern Sweden and voilà, I'm going to see a game and old friends in Hässleholm!

Go Hurricanes GO!

Reading Is FUNdamental
More Nordic Noir

I bought this book by an Swedish author that was new to me in the Visby Tourist Office on Sunday.

Mari Jungstedt's novel, at least I hope it was a novel, is set in Visby.

It was a well written, page turner that was typically dark, especially the last few pages when the motive for the murders committed in the previous 355 pages was revealed.

This was a chilling book which, if I had read it before last weekend, would have made me think twice about spending those glorious three days in Gotland's main city.

Funny, I saw no signs of crime when I was on the island.

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