Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beach Day and Euro Cup 2016 Night

Saturday, 25 June, 2016:

I decided to take the foot off of the tourist gas pedal a bit today and hit one of Barcelona's wonderful beaches for several hours.

Since I was by myself and fully anticipated taking full advantage of the clear, warm Mediterranean Sea, I decided to travel light, i.e., no camera/iPhone for fear of beach thieves.

I was warned that leaving items unattended while taking a refreshing dip was risky.

Thus, no photos from the first half of the day.

I had a fun evening in line.

Yes, vino tinto was a part of it

iRATi Taverna Basca


Yes, I needed sustenance after day in the Sun. 

A tinto de verano helped replenish my lost precious bodily fluids.

I should have eaten them ALL!!!

Only seven toothpicks, I'm on a diet.

A Plaça with an Art Show

 Barça starting to come to life

I saw them build one at the
FrenchRugby game yesterday

They are called Castells and are human towers that are part of the rich Catalan culture due to its inherent teamwork and community spirit.

They can go as high as ten people.


It is still hot and humid.

It seems that all I do is eat, take photos and sweat!

 We need something like this
above our front door in Camarillo

 Near Barcelona's Harbor

Statues everywhere dedicated
to almost anybody

An unusually quiet
Via Laietana

This would look good
at Casa Contreras

 Life's simple Summer pleasures

Nearing the Cathedral

Sant Jordi off his horse?

Barcelona's Cathedral

I came to the Cathedral in hopes of seeing another Catalan tradition steeped in Cultural and patriotic/political pride, Sardana dancing.

A Sardana Dance 

There were four or five of these dance circles of varying sizes on the Cathedral's Plaça.

For some this dance is a source of great Catalan cultural pride. For all it is a lot of fun to either participate or simply observe.

The dance gather and put all of their bags, purses, etc. down in the middle of the circle as a symbolic gesture of community and sharing.

Think slow motion Zorba the Greek style dancing involving
gentle hops and graceful swaying.

During the 36 year Franco Era, the Generalissimo forbid this dance from being performed as he would have been happy to wipe out all traces of the Catalan culture.

 A new dancer enters the circle

The Band or Cobla
as the Catalans call it

Their instruments consist of long flutes, tenor and soprano oboes, strange looking brass instruments and a tiny bongo-like drum called a tambori.


Sardana Dancing

I have had issues viewing videos on this blog recently, I hope that this works.

Trudging up Via Laietana

My goal was to meet a friend from California to watch the Euro Cup 2016 first round knockout game between Croatia and Portugal.

Our meeting spot

It was PACKED!

Oh joy, another opportunity to sweat.


Game ON!!!

 With Danny Page

Danny, among other endeavors, has been a writer for the Ventura County Star and been involved on the TV and radio sides of sports broadcasting.

He is currently in Barcelona for work.

It was great catching up with him over the course of a long game.

By the way, Portugal won 1-0 in extra time.

By the time we said our goodbyes, it was nearly mid-night with perfect conditions for my two mile walk back to the Hotel Nuevo Triunfo down a still lively Las Ramblas. 

Random Band in Plaça Catalunya

Another attempt at a music
video from Plaça Catalunya


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