Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Final Day of U11/U13 Camp and FIKA FEST 2016

Tuesday, 21 June, 2016:

Today was my final day of coaching in Sweden this year.

It would end with the second and final day of the U11/U13 camp in Märsta that we discussed in yesterday's post.

The set up today was similar to yesterday's camp, Technique stations in the morning and flag football games in the afternoon.

Before I go any farther, I must state that the kids were tremendous today and we had no repeats of yesterday's tomfoolery.

 Station #1
Agility Ladder

We repeated this station from yesterday as we felt that many of the players really needed to improve at their footwork and agility by learning how to use these ladder drills effectively. 

The Green Bay Packer is a
6 year old Wäsby Warrior

Station #2
Diving Catches

This station was equal doses of pass catching skill and sheer fun.

 Station #3

This non-contact tackling drill is used to emphasize proper arm action and hitting on the rise.

 Station #4
Dip, Rip and Tackle

The players dip and rip the big blue bag and then . . .

. . . tackle the big red pop up bag

Station #5
Blocking in the Chutes

That is Warriors U11 Coach
Dan Pettersson running the drill

 Coach Kalle relaxing during
the two hour lunch break

Kalle plays for the Arlanda Jets U17 team and did a great job with the kids the last two days.

A lineman, he is made happy by simple pleasures like a comfy chair made out of two blocking shields and a large truck tire.

In the afternoon it was

Bombs Away!

QB scanning the defense

Run to the ball!

Coaching on the run

This Arlanda Jet OLB
is a stone cold assassin!

 QB form is looking good

 Turning the corner on a Reverse

He could go all the way!

 Option football

 The Arlanda Assassin
plays offense too

A Happy Group of Campers
at the end of another long day

In the evening, 130 Wäsby Warrior players, parents and family members met at the game field for the End of Spring/Start of Summer FIKA FEST 2016.

But first, the Warriors U13 team was going to play a flag football game against the Coaches and Dads. 

The U13s definitely had
the speed advantage

 U13 blocking looks good

U13s showed no fear

A time consuming U13 drive
to start the game

Good coverage by the Adults

 The Safety does not seem worried
about the Adults passing game

At the Half, it was 0-0 thanks to a pair of U13 interceptions of errant Adult passes.

It wasn't really Halftime, it was Fika Time!


Good turnout tonight

Second Half action saw the
Adults start to take control

 Big hole in the Adult defense

 The final score was not important,
the fun everyone had was

 Johan Lundqvist

Johan is the Head Coach of our U11 program and doers a fantastic job with them.

The only day of practice that he missed this Spring was the day that I took the U11 team's coaches picture, thus this photo.

U11 Coach Dan "Red" Pettersson

I am so proud of the job Dan does coaching my favorite U11 team, the Vikings. He is also becoming an extremely good line coach focusing strongly on the fundamentals of the game.

He may have gotten a bit too much Sun today coaching at the Märsta camp.

At the end of the U13 vs. Adults game the Warriors presented me with a cool white team t-shirt and this awesome Warriors jacket.

If you look good, you'll feel good!

 That's my team!!!

With the Warriors Jack-of-all-Trades
Martin van Ettinger

Martin is everywhere doing everything big or small to make the day better for everyone associated with Warriors football.

He is a key piece to the Wäsby Warriors' plan for success.

As I said to the people in attendance after receiving my new t-shirt and jacket, it has been a wonderful two months working with great parents, coachable kids in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Warriors family, TACK SÅ MYCKET!!!

Today was truly a GREAT day
for American Football!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to . . .

for a week of Rest and Relaxation
before flying home to California


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