Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Beach at Barceloneta and Meeting Another New Friend

Sunday, 26 June, 2016:

First order of the day, GO TO THE BEACH!

It is only a bit over a two mile walk from my hotel to Barcelona's great beaches.

Again, I did not take my iPhone with me to take photos due to fear of thievery when I took my frequent dips into the Med.

I returned to the beach area this evening to take a couple of needed photographs.

Saturday at Sant Sebastià
Today at Barceloneta

Lots of beach North of San Sebastià

This morning it was bright and sunny, i.e., PERFECT for all of us beach bums.

I went a bit farther North than what you see here to enjoy the beach at Barceloneta.

Looking South towards
a sail shaped hotel

Boy at Play

THE Yellow Submarine?

The Columbus Monument
at the foot of Las Ramblas

Customs Office

Barcelona Harbor View

Nice old craft

Columbus points the way

Ròmul Bosch I Alsina

Beats me.

Classic Sea Vessel

A floating statue

 Another Barcelona sidewalk
art sale

God Save the Queen!

Hero and Martyr of Catalonia

 Nice old Restaurant
but a bit too rich for my blood


View towards the harbor's
boardwalk area

At 8:00 p.m., I was scheduled to meet Larry Murnane who is a longtime San Diego area high school and EuroBall coach.

He and his friend Mel Galli coached the Catania Elephants to the Italian Football League's Super Bowl in 2010. 

We have been Facebook friends for a long time but had never actually met before until tonight.

We met at a nice little spot near the harbor called the La República RestoBar for cold adult beverages, delicious empanadas and a whole bunch of swapping of EuroBall coaching stories.

With Larry Murnane

Larry and his wife Vanessa have been living in Barcelona for the past three months because, simply, they can.

I can't argue against that as I still regard Barcelona as my favorite all-around city in the parts of Europe that I have visited.

Larry is a great guy and we had a lot of fun over the three hours of enjoying La República's hospitality.


It was late for me but Barcelona was still wide awake. The walk to the hotel was an invigorating way to finish another good day on the Iberian peninsula.

Three feet off the ground,
a great parking spot

Good night Mr. Columbus

The beach still sounds good to me to start off Monday's activities.

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