Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Casual Day

Thursday, 9 June, 2016:

It was Thursday which, as you may recall, is Swedish Pancake Day all over this splendid country.

Once I was fully sated, what to do until practice tonight?

Well I had a good Swedish crime noir novel to read, Mari Jungstedt's Unseen and there are beautiful woods all around Icelandia III so I opted to combine the two.

I recalled that near Runby Skola
there is a walking trail

But where did it start?

Oh yes, here

I was off to find a
secluded reading spot


A good reading session here energized me for tonight's practices with all three of our youth teams, the U11s, the U13s and the U15s.

Next to Runby Skola

Time for practice . . .

"Hit me, I'M OPEN!!!"

U15s getting ready for Sunday's
7-man mini-tournament

For this tournament, we have divided up our team into three separate squads. Each squad has had two days to come up with their own play books thus taking over ownership of their teams.

They have been having great fun at practice and have been amazingly creative.

 This is a mean looking
group of U15 Warriors

Some days I feel taller
than others

I have no football the next two days, so I need to be creative too in finding new adventures to experience in the Swedish countryside and/or in Stockholm.

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