Monday, June 13, 2016

A Big Nordic Noir Day in Stockholm's Södermalm District

Monday, 13 June, 2016:

Before I get started on today's Main Agenda, let me revisit an important decision in Wäsby Warriors history that occurred about two weeks ago.

Our City's Governing Body

That was the day that the Upplands Väsby kommun leaders agreed to let the Warriors play their home games at . . .

. . . Vilundavallen Stadium

What a great upgrade this will be for the club in the Fall!

Did I mention that these U11 Vikings
won yesterday?

I'm still so happy for them!

It was now on to Stockholm via the 565 bus and then the Metro red line to the Zinkensdamm station in the Södermalm district of the nation's capital..

Volvo car ad at the station

I like the "made by" not "made in" concept.

That is Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimović leaning against the Volvo. More about him later in this post.

Metro Station Art

Things are HOPPING
in Södermalm

 The Main Agenda

If you follow this blog, the you know that I am a big fan of  several of the excellent Nordic Noir crime fiction writers.

Stieg Larsson probably made the biggest splash a few years ago with his wildly popular Millennium Trilogy starring characters Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist.

Michael D'Antuono started me on my way in this genre when he gave me Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to read just before I came to coach the Hassleholm Hurricanes in 2010.

In 2010, when we first visited Stockholm, Laurie and I took a small part of this self-guided walking tour of the major sights from Larsson's books and the movies that they spawned.

Today, I endeavored to see all of the sights on the Millennium  walk.

 Mikael Blomqvist's favorite
coffee bar

It is still a coffee bar but apparently it is no longer owned by someone named Mellqvist.

Lundabron Bridge

The fastest way between Salander's apartment and Blomqvist's is over this bridge.

No Millennium significance,
I just liked it

 This walking path offers incredible
views of Stockholm!

Great Architecture in the distance

Stockholm City Hall

 More of Stockholm's Skyline

 Bellmansgatan 1
Mikael Blomqvist's home

Cool Building next to
Blomqvist's apartment

It was fun when Laurie
was with me on this walk

Södermalm Street Art

Hammer Time in Södermalm

 Did I mention that I decided to
spend the last week of June
in Barcelona?

Sounds Good!

The windows above the word Monkl
was the sight of the Millennium offices

 Lisbeth Salander shopped here
after buying her new apartment

 People hanging out in a park
on a sunny day


Opened in 1908, it is one of Stockholm's oldest taverns. Lisbeth Salander is a frequent visitor.

I wonder if she was in today?

 Empty at 3:00 p.m.

Nice decor

A good bar

The bartender said that he had not seen Lisbeth in several weeks.

Since they have a
good beer selection . . .

. . . I may as well have a cold one
on a sunny day

It tasted extremely good while I continued my futile vigil for Ms. Salander.

Moving on . . .

The Sisters

 A dashing patron of the Arts

Colorful outdoor seating in Mosebacke

Great Clouds

Fiskagartan 9

Home of Lisbeth's new 3,800 sq. ft., 21 room apartment.

When built in 1910, this building caused a scandal because it blocked the view of Katarina Church from the water.

 Katarina Church

Big Euro Cup game tonight
Ireland vs. Sweden

 Is she making fun of me?

Such a BEAUTIFUL city

Fat Guys offering support

 I don't get tired of this view

Tribute to Swedish World
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Ingemar Johansson

 They served a hearty kabab

Enchanting Gamla Stan

Lots of people out and about
by the Parliament Building

OH NO, you're leaving
Sweden in only 18 days?


Appropriate after yet another mass
shooting in the USA yesterday

Art enjoying the Sun

 Swedes enjoying the Sun

 Game Time

It was nil-nil at the half and then Ireland scored a quick goal to start the second half.

 Ibrahimović answered, sort of

His shot was inadvertently headed into the goal by one of Ireland's players.

No matter, the Swedes were
rejoicing their good fortune

Final Score: Ireland 1 - Sweden 1

Who would ever have guessed that score?

Reading Is FUNdamental

I LOVE her 
Nordic Noir writing style

Finishing this book today was a good way to end a day chasing Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist around Södermalm all day.

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