Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Museum and a Day of American Football in Sollentuna

Wednesday, 8 June, 2016:

Got a late start today as I awoke to a rain storm that is just a small part of this time of the year known weather-wise as the ever changing Swedish Summer.

Once it cleared up,
I was off to Stockholm

I was hungry so I had to

 In the Tacoma Dome

Of course I bought it!

Interesting interior of
Stockholm's Stadsbiblioteket

Swede's enjoying the afternoon Sun

Tempting but NEJ

Special Meal Deal
for Offensive Linemen?

GREAT IDEA, the OL will love it!!

EuroFood Fair

French Bakery

French Soaps

French Food

French Cheeses

 Bavarian Links

 Spanish Paella

Amazingly, I ate none of it but did buy four bars of French soap.

Nice Square in Stockholm

They design clothes,
not business names

Museum of the Day

Free entry may have swayed me to visit the interesting Hallwylska Museet. The museum was once the home to compulsive hoarder Wilhelmina von Hallwyl and it did have many interesting pieces on display.

An Entry Hall Statement

Snake vs. Dragon

Las Vegas has the dragon as a heavy 7-1 favorite.

 Hallwyl Ancestors

Table for one, please

 Tapestries were a MUST

A Silent Butler

Or is it a Dumb Waiter?

 Wood Carving always tie
a room together

Adequate Lighting
was provided

 Not your normal window

Well stocked wine cellar

Dusty bottles properly aging

The liked their libations

 I liked the simple decor

 Ceiling paintings are a nice touch

Sensible, not ostentatious

 LOTS of tapestries

A warm fireplace in
the Winter is a good thing

 Piano music can be soothing

You just have to have a
Smoking Room

Welcome to the Armory

Suits of Armor

Dueling Pistols

Another ornate window

Swords and Scabbards

Feeling like a Duel
was called for

Simple NRA approved

Handguns too

The Four Cardinal Virtues

A woman's family Crest that
married into the Hallwyl dynasty

And another

 The Billiards Room

 S:t George and the Dragon

S:t George scored a HUGE upset in this ancient battle.

 Lording over the Billiard Table

 Again with the Dragon Theme

Zodiac Flooring

 Cool Floor Design

The Hallwylska Museet was well worth the price of admission, I highly recommend it!



 Why not?

August and his horses

Love this Opera House

Circling back, I saw more Paella

A hall for monks and brothers
to meet, how nice!

This must be the Hotel where the
Murcia Cobras stay when in Stockholm

Hopefully in another week, the Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons will win their way into this establishment's guest registrations.

 No need, my shoes
are in good shape


In Gamla Stan, I enjoyed my fika speaking to a young woman from Bern, Switzerland and a man from the San Francisco Bay area who were both on vacation with their respective families and also partaking of Sweden's finest dining tradition.

 And then the Royal Guards
randomly marched by


Finally it was time to hop back on the commuter train for the short ride to Sollentuna to help Thomas Andresson coach his other team, the Stars.

Sollentuna's practice field is
so serene

Thomas on the left with some
of the Sollentuna Stars U11 players
and his assistant, Paul on the right

Tonight we worked hard on tackling fundamentals.

We got better.

A disappointing U13 turnout

Only four players at practice tonight so we worked on blocking fundamentals.

We got better.

Reading Is FUNdamental

It may be a
but it is not a classic

The best part of this book may have been John le Carré's Introduction.

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