Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Return Visit to Uppsala

Saturday, 11 June, 2016:

Only twenty more days until . . .

 . . . I see Laurie again!!!

I took the train North to Uppsala for the second time in my 2016 stay in Sweden. The first time that I visited, I took a lot of time walking the 6 km Eriksleden Pilgrimage that I really did not get to see all of this fine university town.

 Of course Uppsala has
great architecture

 And some art too

Relaxing stream running
through Uppsala

 More art

Keep your bike warm, it will
last longer and love you for it!

 He is a Rock Star in Uppsala

My missing Pilgrimage Church

When I walked the Eriksleden Pilgrimage Trail last month, I failed to get the passport stamp from this church which is at about the half way point.

When I walked that day, I could not believe that I missed it. I wanted to get this final stamp in my passport to make it complete so I walked to it but when I got there no one was there. The doors were open, so I entered but no stamp maker was to be found.

Oh well . . .

On the walk back to the city,
The Uppsala Cathedral

Peaceful, incredibly peaceful

I love Rune Stones!

A colorful one

 A barely visible one

 A good one

 Tell me your story

The Rune Stones usually
commemorate a lost one

 In front of Uppsala University

Uppsala University Re-Furbishing

Another shot of the Cathedral

Helga Trefaldighets Church

It is less than 100 meters from the Cathedral. Inside it was quite stunning.


Great ceiling art

Saints and Angels

 Art was everywhere


 What a pleasant surprise

 A Visionary,
Gunnar Wennerberg

Uppsala Castle

We MUST protect this castle!

 Cannon Art

 Castle Gardens

In case of enemy attack,
blow up the Cathedral

 It was a Summer Saturday
night in Sweden, so American classic
cars were cruising the streets

Love the canal wallflowers



Uppsala was a nice diversion, but I was happy to be . . .

. . . back in Upplands Väsby!

What a skyline!

The Warriors will be in action tomorrow with two hours of U11 games in Sollentuna starting at 10:00 a.m.

The U15s will host a mini-tournament playing 7-man football. It should be a fun day.

I checked with the Weather Channel and they said that Sunday will be, and I quote, "A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR AMERICAN FOOTBALL!"

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