Sunday, May 1, 2016

Final Day of A Great American Football Camp

Sunday, 1 May, 2016:

Up and at 'em again early Sunday morning for the drive to Märsta and the 9:00 a.m. start to Day II of our U15 team camp.

Looking at the Märsta stadium's bleacher wall, I saw this interesting advertisement:

I bet you can't you say
FAST three times?

The first agenda item was
a Warrior team walk-through

Practicing long snapping
after the walk-through

OMG, the do this even in Sweden!

Start of a 90 minute scrimmage
vs. the Arlanda Jets in white

We are definitely misaligned at the DE position on this first play of the day.

 Warriors Defense in red

Head Coach Thomas Andersson
in the Warriors' offensive huddle

A word about Thomas, he is a Swedish American football junkie!

His goal is to help grow our sport in his native country at the grass roots level. Thus, he not only heads up our Wäsby Warriors U15, U13 and U11 squads, he is also the Head Coach of the brand new Sollentuna Stars who we will face in our second scrimmage today.

There is LOTS of energy and passion for the game in Coach Andersson.

Here come the Warriors!

The Wäsby Warriors base play,
the Veer Option

The most dominant player at the camp was easily Arlanda's quick, strong running back. He was hard to tackle.

As with all scrimmages, this was a great learning opportunity for our young club and will serve as a reference point for future practice goals.

We did run the ball well against Arlanda and our passing game improved steadily as the 90 minutes progressed.

Defensively, we just need to improve our arm wrap a lot and our leg drive a little.

Spectators packed the stands
for the Arlanda Jets scrimmage!

 Post-Scrimmage Sportsmanship

The Snack Bar
was open for business!

Well organized, the lines were at a minimum.

Scrimmage #2 vs.
the Sollentuna Stars in mostly blue

The Stars are a little short on man power because, as stated earlier, they are a new club. Fortunately, the Swedish U15 season starts in August so the Stars and Coach Andersson still have time too recruit new players.

Everyone may be playing
with elevated pad levels

You will note some red Warriors' helmets playing for the Stars. We had to lend-lease a few of our athletes to the Sollentuna club so they could field a full squad.

Warriors on Offense

 Veer Give Going Right

Solletuna post-scrimmage sportsmanship

Two long days of football were finally over and I believe that our players made some excellent strides in adjusting to that strange but wonderful game called American football!

Next up in my Swedish odyssey will be two try-out nights on Monday and Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. as we try to recruit more local athletes into joining our Wäsby Warriors U13 and U11 teams.


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