Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Trip to Skansen, Stockholm's Open Air Museum

Tuesday, 10 May, 2016:

Another day, another early start as I boarded the 565 bus headed to downtown Stockholm. On the very next stop, who should board the 565 on her way to work? None other than that high ranking government official and Wäsby Warriors Board Member Lotta Douhan!

Once in Stockholm, we had a cup of coffee and some fun conversation before we went our separate ways, she to run the Swedish government and me to my Sight-of-the-Day, Skansen located on the island of Djurgården.

I opted to walk to Djurgården and see a few new parts of the city along the way.

In front of an Art Store

Why did I think of Laurie?

Springtime in Stockholm

Nice fountain in Kungsträdgården

Nice Swan Too

 Water Nymphs

King Karl XII
He became King in 1697 

This Mortar was a war trophy
brought to Sweden in 1701

 Another Mortar

At least they are not Peeps

Part of the Gamla Stan Waterfront

Boat Bilge

Eagle attacks Man

Another view of the
Gamla Stan Waterfront

The Af Chapman

Nice flag

Better Masthead

 I was tempted but no

The Af Chapman's Main Mast

 The Admiralty House, Barracks #1

Nice faces at the bottom

 View of the Östermalm Waterfront

John Ericsson
Inventor and Mechanical Engineer

 The Royal Dramatic Theater

Gold is nice

Wind and Water

Nice place to walk on a warm day

There, you see,
I thought of Laurie again!

Guarding the Djurgården Bridge

This one too

More of the Östermalm Waterfront

A Golden Deer on Duty

Now that's a gate

 The Horse has four hooves
on the ground, thus the rider
died of natural causes

Nordiska Museet

This is Sweden's largest cultural-history museum and well worth a visit which Laurie and I did back in 2010.

Djurgården is tranquil

One hoof off the ground means
this rider died of battle wounds
but not IN battle

 Finally, I made it to my destination

The Biology Museum was
next to Skansen's entrance

The Biology Museum's door

It was excellent but I did not go in.

Now we're talking!

Skansen is the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius to give visitors a chance to see how Swedes lived many years ago.

I love these store signs

 It was for this Hardware Store

Official looking hardware man

 Love these bins

You can even buy an old soccer
ball, inflate it and lace it up!

Geese were all over Skansen

Another Shop Sign

Old Town Building

Old School

Looks like a STOP sign to me

So I did, darn if it wasn't a Konditori or bakery.

Who knew?

 They offered cool water with gas

Swedish Style

Is this a Fat Joke?
Big and Old

Good looking Wind Mill

The Story House

I do not know . . .

A Church

Farm Buildings

A Rune Stone

Old Log Building

A yoke perhaps

Cool Chimney

Freshly milled wood


Skansen also has Nordic and farm animals as part of the attraction. 

A sleeping Wolf

 A Wolverine

A European Bison

 and another one

Baby Wild Boar

There's Momma

Pretty Big

 Love what they've done
with the roof

Milestone and Goose

 Dairy Products are BIG in Sweden

 So are the Dala Horses

More Farm Buildings

A nice lady in a common outfit
about 120 years ago

Kids playing traditional
Swedish games

Another LOUD Goose

A Pottery Apprentice

I like Glass Making

Glass Maker Concentrating

It was HOT in here!

In a Furniture Makers Workshop

Woodworking Tools

Hey, isn't he an analyst for ESPN? 

I just liked this tree . . .

. . . and this statue

Skansen is a great museum, I'm glad that I went today as I continue to try to visit new places that I have not seen before.

In the evening, it was back to American football practice as our U11s and U13s both were getting after it on our game field.

 U11s Tackling Teaching Progression

 We might have a mismatch here

 U11s performing some ancient
Viking ritual

 U13s about to scrimmage

A U13 in the open field

Today was a good day!

Tomorrow will be interesting as we go to Södervikskolan to coach a 45 minute practice of their school's American football team starting at 7:45 a.m. I will return to this same school in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. to teach American football to two of their P.E. classes for a total of 90 minutes.

Today, Thomas Andersson and I dropped off helmets, shoulder pads and footballs in Södervikskolan's equipment shed. Tomorrow we will not repeat yesterday's mistake!

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